Care for a Bite? {Free Printable}

I was delighted to be the parent volunteer for “Breakfast and a Book” in the PCP’s class on Friday!!  It seems that there are fewer and fewer opportunities to be in their classroom each year that they get older so I’m soaking up every moment I get.  Since we’ve got all things Halloween on our minds this month, it was an obvious choice for both the breakfast and the books.

October 2013 610 copy

When John begged and pleaded for doughnuts (come on, y’all know this gal loves a doughnut, as if I’d say no!), I was beyond excited to finally pull off the whole vampire fang thing that’s been floating around Pinterest for the last couple of years.

October 2013 606 copy


I packaged them in cute party bags scored a while back on Pick Your Plum, and a “care for a bite?” label was the finishing touch.

October 2013 609 copy


We’ve only ever had Mystery Reader in the past, so it was fun to be able to have John pick the books and help with the treat.  The Room on the Broom is a Halloween must-read, if you haven’t already, and The Night Before Halloween is a spoof on the Night Before Christmas!

October 2013 616 copy

I, of course, donned my witch tights for the occasion.  Best $5 ever spent on holiday attire, if I do say so myself.


Have a great one!


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24 thoughts on “Care for a Bite? {Free Printable}

  1. The treats are just perfect! The fangs look so cool :) I love the night before halloween and so does my two year old! But we so need to add the other book to our collection!!! Those were $5 well spent girl!!

    Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

  2. Love the vampire doughnuts! We are using them for the first grade party. Breakfast and a book sounds like a great idea, how often do you meet? I'm always trying to come up with fun ways to make reading part of their day.

  3. I had a bag of plastic fangs in my library (doesn't everybody?!) ready to be given away….but just ran and retrieved them! That is so cute. I guess I'll just have to buy some donuts, now! Your tights and shoes are adorable….show us the rest of the outfit. You always inspire. Thank you! Jane, San Diego

  4. I teach 2nd grade and usually do Mystery Reader. While I love it, I was looking for something different. Do parents just volunteer to bring in breakfast and read a book? Anything else? Thanks!!
    *i live in Savannah (Tybee actually) and LOVE your blog!!

  5. First, I love that you are on Tybee!! Can't wait to get back down there :-)

    Yes, parents sign up to come in with 2 books and a simple breakfast (John said there have been things like muffins and mini bagels). It's just a 30 min thing and he always always comes home excited about it!

  6. Thanks!! I'm going to give it a try! My husband is the pastor at the Methodist church and we love Tybee. I grew up in Savannah so living on Tybee is a treat. Thanks for all of your cute ideas!!

  7. Love the doughnut idea! Super cute! Love the tights as well! I am grade mom in my son's Kinder class and was thinking of dressing up for the Halloween party next week. Did you don a full Halloween apparel?

  8. I wish I had a pic of the full outfit but I don't :-) It was just a black sweater dress, the tights and a cute orange and black witch hat head band I found at Michael's. I'll be wearing it again next Thursday so will try to snap a pic then. Y'all are all so sweet!!! xo

  9. Where in Atlanta were you able to find those fangs? Surprisingly, I've been searching high and low and striking out!

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