Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2019 {Entry Foyer}

Our Haunted Halloween Home Tour continues today in the entry foyer!

Kindly step all the way in please, and make room for everyone. There’s no turning back now.

Wanting something different and more fresh than the old ruffled burlap skirt I used the past few years, I fashioned a quick slip cover out of a this black and white polka dot fabric I already had! It goes right over the “everyday” skirt.   

I also switched out the chandelier shades for these black and white DIY shades from a while back.  Finally, I put down a black and white outdoor rug that I’ve been using for a couple of years.

Black rats have taken up residence in the entry.  All of the rats were collected from the dollar store a few years ago. The “witch’s hair” garland is also from Michael’s.  I’m using two strands here.

I loved themed candles and the Headless Horseman’s Ride from Spireside Candles is great. Most of their candles are Disney inspired and burn well.  (save 15% by using my link!)

Bats are flying high on the mirror. The clings are probably now 10 years old!  They were originally from Michael’s. 

My new addition this year is a haunted doorbell from Grandin Road. It is so much fun! My boys have loved seeing one or two new things pop up each year as our decor inside gradually gets spookier as they get older. The doorbell could obviously be put outside, but it doesn’t actually ring to where you’d hear it inside. Of course, I have a puppy to let me know whenever anyone approaches. Or even when a squirrel runs through the yard. :-)

Here’s a good view of how the eyeball opens and is animated. It has a series of spooky greetings it rotates through. I have a video saved on my Instagram stories under Halloween. I think you need to be on the app to see it. I will also do a video tour and put it there!

More rats are scampering up and down the stairs. These are cardstock cut outs that I use painters tape to stick to the risers. Like the bats, I’ve used them for many years. Decorations like this are great because they are inexpensive and store flat!

Another thing I enjoy doing is using props for the boys’ costumes in the decor. For example, I tucked this axe in umbrella stand for an unexpected fright.

It’s the hottest day on record here in Atlanta. Happy Hot-ober.

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One thought on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2019 {Entry Foyer}

  1. Love the new additions to your decor! I made card stock bats several years ago after seeing your tour and all mirrors and both fireplaces are covered with them now.

    It’s RAINING here (can you believe it?!)! Here’s hoping Hot-tober is a thing of the past. Happy Weekending! xo

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