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When I shared “the spot” a little while back I mentioned that changes were afoot for the den.  Well, I loved all of the rich color and pattern than came in with my Christmas décor and decided then and there to start incorporating some fun black and white pattern into the space.  It’s a bit of a divergence from my usual traditional style, but it’s nothing that can’t be phased out if I decide I hate it in a year.  Or in a week. Here’s what started it all…


Pretty fabulous, no?!  We moved the chandelier in the den from our old house where it hung from the second story in a cavernous space.  Here in our eight foot ceilinged cozy space, the sizeable chandelier is so blinding that it’s almost never turned on.    So you can see why I thought putting shades on it would be a great idea – good looking AND functional.  The only problem was that the total to put these shades in my den would have run me upwards of $150.  Um…I’m not sure I paid that much for the chandelier.

So, I set out on a DIY mission to make my own.  They key was the drum shade shape.  With a few supplies and a morning’s worth of time, I did it!

DSC_0010 copy

I purchased the white chandelier drum shades (5 x 5.75”) at Lowe’s for $6 each.  I can’t find them on their website, but they were there a few weeks ago.  Mother already had the black paint, so I just went with that.  Using a small paint brush, I painted the dots right on the shade, let it dry and called it a day!  SUPER easy and under $50 (compared to the $150+ price at Ballard’s).


I was so excited to get them home and give ‘em a go…

DSC_0011 cop2y

DSC_0015 (2) copy

I think they are pretty fun and I would LOOOOVE them in someone else’s room.  But, truth be told, I’m not sure if I’ll keep them.   If they do stay, I was planning to layer a black and white rug on top of my leopard print rug and maybe add a couple of pillows to the banquette or sofa.  Aaaaakkkk….I’m usually not this indecisive, which tells me maybe I should stick with what I’ve got.  Thoughts???

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42 thoughts on “Chandy Shades

  1. I like it!! I think it is good to change things up. Maybe add the touches you mentioned, give it a few weeks and then see how you feel about it. I think you will grow to like it. I can see some bright purple or dark pink flowers in a vase adding some fun to it too. You can just keep it until mid-late spring and then go back to the lighter colors for summer. I like to add different touches for the seasons.

  2. I agree with you. These shades not so much for your room. The shades remind me of the theme for John's room. Your home is the prettiest home on the Internet. It's always been my favorite.


  3. You did a great job with the shades, they look just like Ballard's! I really like them on the chandelier too; I like a touch of black in a room. If changing accessories and moving furniture around the house was an Olympic sport, I'd hold the record for gold medals, because I LOVE changing things up at my home. I say TRY IT!!! I think it would be nice to add matching throws over the center back of the wing chairs (maybe black & white Greek key or Ikat design. Ballard does have the Dodie fabric which could be made into some great throws, but would be pricey). Add some pillows with a touch of black in the banquette and try some accessories on the cocktail table. You've got great design sense and will know if it's not your style. Can't wait to see what you decide! Have a great weekend, hope this rain moves out quickly. Teresa

  4. I love the shades! That said, I don't feel they go with the room. Any chance you've got a spot for them in a john's room? They would go great there. Or maybe the foyer?

  5. I love these Amanda! I think every room needs a bit of the "unexpected" and this hits the mark. Go with your gut; it is usually right!;) I would accessorize with a modern throw first as well as a pillow. Heck you can always throw a monogram on a modern pillow right? ;) You will know what is right. I think you have a great start with those fab shades!

  6. I like it. If the ceiling ht. and chandelier size overwhelms you at all, you might try removing a few of the lower crystals just to see if that makes it slightly more casual. I would add a few subtle things in black and white around the room a

  7. The shades are fantastic.. just not for that fixture. Your house is one of my favorites in blogland- your style is a perfect mix of classic with enough 'trendy' to keep it current and updated- wonderful family feel! I can see those shades, however, in your dining room! It would be easy to incorporate a few black accents in there to jazz it up to the level of the shades!

    Erin, daily blog stalker

  8. If anyone could hack it, it would be you – they are adorable! I know whichever you choose (stay or go) will end up just perfect! xo

  9. Your home is already the epitome of good taste and perfection. The colors of your home are lovely. While the shades are fun, they don't seem to go with the room. I would be so sad if your hime started looking like every other color splashed with some black and white thrown in trendy home in the blogs. Stay true to yourself and your southern good taste.

  10. I actually love them and the way they make the traditional chandelier a little more whimsical. Right now I think it just looks a little stark as there is nothing grounding the black in the lower half of the room. You will be able to see better once the other accessories are in; your tastes are impeccable! If nothing else these pretties would make a fantastic addition to your holiday decor when you have richer colors and patterns in the room!

  11. I agree with some of the other comments that you have spots in your house where you could incorporate them. However, if you wanted to keep them in here, what about trimming them out on the top and bottom in one of the green/blue shades in the oyster painting? Something like you did on the lamp shade in your office…but simpler. Granted, I realize it could look tacky. It's a judgement call. I too love the room the way it is but understand the feeling of wanting to pull something new in to refresh it.

  12. Re. 9:32 post..
    You have gold accents through out first level.
    Rather than toss or sell the shades. Wonder if gold dots would work?

    Great handy work replicating Ballard!

    You are my fave read with my am coffee.
    Your site is a delight! So many blogs are 100% shopping links. Love seeing all you share.

  13. I love the shades on their own. Not sure I like them with that rug. Your rug actually inspired me to try a leopard rug in my family room and I love it! Even my husband does. it might nor be a forever rug (232.00 Rugs USA), but its fun while it lasts! Whatever you decide will be the right choice – your taste is impecable.

  14. Funny! I too fell in love with a few shades from BD. But, the price was not in my budget. I looked high and low for shades. With Christmas being busy I gave up on my project. Only to find the shades at Lowe's the very next day. Typical!!!! I love these. Every room needs a little black. I actually think it grounds the room! Keep them for a bit.

  15. I miss your turquoise. Perhaps leopard spots in turquoise? Or you do need to bring more black and white into the room to tie it all in better. The boys' silhouette pillows perhaps? I have no doubt that you'll make or keep the room gorgeous–you have WONDERFUL taste!! Tami from South Dakota

  16. They really do look just like the Ballard ones! Great job! Live with them for a bit and see if they feel right. If you keep questioning whether you like them in there, then you probably don't. Go with your gut – you have fabulous taste!

  17. I love everything you do, as you know, and while I love the shades I am not loving them in that room. For two reasons, 1) they really draw your eye and you miss out on the rest of the goodness in the room and 2) they compete with the pattern in your rug. I could see them maybe in the foyer as it is a bit more open and the stairs are painted, so that area is not as traditional but a bit more transitional.
    We had shades on our kitchen fixture, and I always hated them because they never sat straight. Our solution was to use frosted bulbs and add a dimmer switch. Just a thought.

  18. Amanda, you're too good at what you do. Go with your gut. The shades are precious, just not where they are. I think some of you has rubbed off on me ;o). I would have loved this pre-DD!

  19. First let me say you did a great job on painting those shades…..secondly, when I first saw them I really liked how they looked but after reading several comments I tend to agree they don't "do" anything for your gorgeous room….that being said you have some good suggestions as to try and use them in another place or if all else fails, you don't have that much invested in them. Instead of ditching the shades if you don't use them, put them away and sometime down the road maybe cover them with fabric or a pretty scrapbook paper.

  20. Love the shades. Love your style. Love the chandelier BUT from that picture do think it's too big for the space. Dimmer bulbs as suggested before might help. INMHO a touch of black is needed in every room. I spied a shade on the lamp beside the fireplace. LOVE that bronze color as well for a punch.

  21. First of all… Fabulous job on the DIY knockoff… Though not surprising at all, your shades look exactly the same if not even better than the original version. I've always loved that chandy just as it is…it's perfect. I'd consider lower watt bulbs and/or a dimmer if you don't already have one & try those shades in either johns room or maybe your fun basement. Regardless, I'd say live with it a bit, and go with your gut. You know what looks best. You really do. Trust yourself. :)

  22. I agree with your gut and the others…they look awesome but not in that room. I thought maybe they would look better in the bluish green dots. Can you use them elsewhere? Also can your chandelier be put in a dimmer switch? You have great taste so I know whatever you do will be fantastic!

  23. No, it kind of cheapens the look of the room. If you start trying to add accessories to match, I believe it will just be worse. I would suggest some solid beige shades in there. Keep it classy! But these would look good in a child's room or other more whimsical space.

  24. Just go back to Lowes and by another set and use them plain- or maybe add a ribbon trim to match the drapes?

  25. Ok I don't typically comment but I have to throw in my two cents here…from the pics I think the new shades really amp up the room…it looks so fresh but I also respect that you are second best advice is to live with it for a few weeks and file away everything your wonderful readers are saying…just live with this change for a bit and see how you feel…

  26. Wow! What a great job, the chandelier looks amazing on its own and would make any room better, however, it does not mesh with your current décor in this space… This chandelier might be perfect in your Master Bathroom once you redecorate, or even your amazing basement…. As I said you transformed the chandelier into a work of art and it needs to stay as is but in a different room!! BTW, thank you so much for updating your blog daily, every night before I fall asleep I open my Bloglovin app and I read your blog, I have for a couple years now and I get a pang if there isn't a new post, so THANK YOU for being so consistent, please don't ever stop lol

  27. You did a great job on the knock-offs. Before you give up on them, why not try them in solid black?

  28. I love the chandelier shades that you made! That is what decorating is all about, an element of surprise is always fun in a room. Not everything has to be matchy, matchy. It gives the room some whimsical flavor.

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