Haunted Halloween Home Tour {Den}

Our Haunted Halloween Home Tour continues today in the den!

Spiders and crows have run amok and I’ve pulled out all things black and spooky!

I found the black paper spiders at Michael’s a while back and use painters tape to attach them each year.

I love using the boy’s silhouette pillows in here for an extra touch of black at Halloween.

We added a couple more titles to our Tales from the Haunted Mansion stash over the last year. Harry Potter books would also make fun Halloween decor and are something I’m sure many have sitting around already.

The creepy Dollar Store pictures I picked up about five years ago have certainly gotten their fair share of use. They came unframed, so I also purchased Dollar Store frames to make them look more substantial.  I’ve had the spooky hand for years – picked it up in New Orleans while visiting the Uptown Acorn.  Speaking of which, I can’t wait to go back in early 2020!

A flock of crows landed on the antlers. Mother and I glittered the bones years ago using a Martha Stewart kit.

I always keep the old Nancy Drew books of Mother’s out on the curio but I especially love them at Halloween. I dressed up felt witch hats from the dollar bin with ribbons for the two dogs. And, this year, I added an extra spooky touch to the silhouettes using red glue sticks in my mini hot glue gun! Mother and Sister said “NO, don’t do it!” but I’d already started and Honey and the kids said “YES, we love it!” Haha! The glue peels right off the glass (I tested it) but I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get the remnants out of my glue gun. :-)

The coffee table always gets a colorful fall bouquet, candy corn and my skeleton hand!

I love decorating with candy at the holidays and a bonus is that I hate candy corn so it isn’t even remotely tempting. Seasonal magazines are also nice in holiday decor and something you probably already have lying around.

I only picked up a couple of mini pumpkins this year. It was way to hot for anything fresh when I started decorating. I always look to choose ones with long curled stems.

I am burning the Ghostly Castle Spireside Candles scent again this year!  (save 15% by using my link!)

Our “puzzle table” at the banquette has the Haunted Mansion puzzle out again this year. I have a Jack Skellington puzzle to swap it with in a couple of weeks.  The mugs were from my shop back in the day.

And, of course, y’all already know that we’ve been listening to the Haunted Mansion and Nightmare Before Christmas vinyls on the Victrola.

Looking towards the kitchen I am still always amazed and excited at our new line of sight after the kitchen update! I carried the blanket home as my souvenir from Alaska – it is a Pendleton found in the resort rooms at Denali. The doors have been wide open all week.

Thanks for hanging in until the dead end of the den.

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