Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2019 {Exterior}

Welcome, foolish mortals to our 2019 haunted Halloween tour…   I am your host, your ghost host.

The creeps start before you’ve even entered the house, with pumpkins and spiders and ghosts out front! 

The mesh ghosts are from Michael’s and are on on year four or five at my house, but are in stores again this year. I love them because they store flat and take up no space!

Large spiders can be found at Michael’s or Target and the Jack o Lanterns are at Target again this year. I’ve had all of mine for many years.

The friendly ghost door hanger from Bronwyn Hanahan is one of my favorites!  The mini mesh ghosts in the ferns are also from Michael’s and they do have them this year.

I love keeping the outside happy and cheerful for Halloween so that we don’t scare off any trick or treaters. Inside things get a little spookier each year as my boys get older.

Speaking of Trick or Treaters, I picked this sign up at Target a couple of years ago and replaced the rope with ribbon. I usually don’t put it out until Halloween.

The ferns were barely hanging in by the time we got back from a week away. It is still record highs here and they are showing it, no matter how much I keep them watered and in the shade. I can usually keep them out until after Christmas but I’m not sure these are going to make it.

Over at the side door I have another Bronwyn Hanahan candy corn door hanger. 

Like the fern, my summer flowers are hanging in. I would have normally planted pansies this week but it is way too hot for that – both for me and the plants.

I have two more ghosts down at the corner by our Little Free Library and in front of the mailbox this year. I almost purchased a cute Halloween swag for the library but then one thing led to another and my cart was filling up and decided to keep it simple. :-)

I’m *dying* share the rest of our spooky decor over the coming weeks!!  I hope you’ll follow along!!

Happy October!

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4 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2019 {Exterior}

  1. Everything looks great, Amanda! I love the little “Out of Candy” sign and of course all your other cute decorations. I have those mesh ghosts too and will probably put them again. I have barely done any decorating outside…it’s still hot in NJ too. Tomorrow is supposed to be 90! Just crazy!

  2. I love how you celebrate Amanda! My seven year old asked me to make our front porch spookier this year so we added a couple skeletons, spiders and a sitting scarecrow that bolts upright when you get near. I love it but I hope it doesn’t scare away any trick or treaters. So excited to celebrate our first Halloween back in Georgia. No snow this time!!

    1. I love that!! I just added dripping blood from our family silhouettes inside. My boys LOVE to make it spookier each year. :-)

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