Skeleton Charcuterie Centerpiece + Halloween Pre-Party

Last year for every season I did a spread on this long pine board that doubled as a dessert/appetizer and centerpiece! Our club’s annual adult Halloween party was last night and I was excited to dig it out for a little pre-party at home. These are our neighbors and friends that know us the best, and everyone insists on bringing something when we get together. Knowing this was the case, I asked them to bring something EASY that could be added to a charcuterie spread with NO need to worry about cute serving dishes or presentation.

Skeleton Charcuterie Centerpiece

I picked up the skeleton parts at Michael’s for $9 and set those out first, along with a small wood board to hold anything that would need cutting. I had a few rats and spiders in my stash that I dotted down the board. It was extremely easy for everyone and turned out great. Here’s what we ended up with!

The board itself is from Home Depot and is an inexpensive piece of pine, already sized at the perfect length for my porch dining table.  When we updated the kitchen this summer, it dawned on me that I could now bring the board inside as well! Since last night was muggy, hosting inside was perfect. This was a fun, social way to snack and chat with a group and we will definitely do it again!

Honey and John were in Charlotte all weekend for a lacrosse tournament and, while he was sorely missed, I had a lot of fun joining in with M&M for a group costume.

Everyone’s get-ups were great!

We headed out to the main event to dance away the rest of the night!

Centerpiece Spreads

The idea to use dessert as a centerpiece was originally born with my Spring Dessert – a pound cake spread.  It was such a hit with readers and my girlfriends that came to party that I decided to use it again for a summer soiree.  For fall I made a kid friendly spread and in the winter I used it for a teen Superbowl party.

Easy Spring Dessert

Patriotic Summer Party

Fall Halloween Appetizer & Dessert Centerpiece

Winter Superbowl Snack Centerpiece for Teens

Our dear friends the W’s (that moved to Greenville this summer) are staying with Whit and me this weekend as well. It’s been such a great one!

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9 thoughts on “Skeleton Charcuterie Centerpiece + Halloween Pre-Party

  1. Sorry but old English teacher in me says use an objective pronoun as the object of a prepositional phrase. Staying with Whit and me (not I) is correct grammar.

    1. Thanks for the edit. Believe me, I hear this stuff from my mother daily. My forte is math and science. I hated every minute of grammar, spelling and vocabulary in school and still despise it just as much with my own kids. I TRY to proofread my posts but was working fast with my friends in town.

  2. Hi!

    I really enjoy all of your content, and this is so adorable and easy. However, is there a particular kind of pine board @ Home Depot? Did you treat it or anything? I’m pretty sure pine is food safe, but is a home building pine? Thanks for your time!

  3. All the costumes were great and I loved the Threes Company theme you guys came up with. Also, the beer/soda can hair rollers were a hoot! Looks like it was a great party and lots of fun!

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