Winter Super Bowl Snack Centerpiece for Teens

When I first shared our Spring dessert centerpiece, it was so much fun to design, use and share that I thought I’d try a new version for each season. Well, this winter version moved from the porch to the basement and was created especially for a crew of teen boys! John invited the 7th grade lacrosse team over to watch the Super Bowl and I thought it was a great opportunity to put out the requisite junk food in a unique way.

Since I was serving things like cheese dips, cheese balls and chicken nuggets, I covered the board with a green plastic table cloth from Wal Mart ($1). It looked great on top of the “turf” table covering that I’ve had for years. (They have them every year at Party City, but I just wipe mine down and reuse it.)

I served a variety of junk food snacks on the board:

  • two bite brownies with icing
  • cheese cubes and crackers
  • rotel dip and chips
  • cheese balls
  • slim jim’s
  • chicken nuggets (air fryer)
  • sour gummy worms (the first thing to go!)
  • beer nuts snack mix

I usually run 3 vases of flowers down the center of the table, but I knew that would be lost on the kids. But, having things of varying heights definitely makes it look better so I put slim jims in small jars, toppers on the brownies, and a couple of neutral pom poms I had in my stash in a jar in the center.

The furniture arrangement in the basement has changed so many times since we finished it that I’ve lost count. This banquette has been here since the beginning, but the table was originally at the opposite end of the room. It works well here, because I can seat 10 around it now. (We don’t really entertain down here. The boys do but, let’s face it, they aren’t sitting down to eat.)

I also popped popcorn and ordered a variety of pizza. There was no way those snacks would feed 8 hungry boys.

One of the highlights of the night was the Super Bowl Prop Bets. I printed these off from Odd Shark and then tracked the results on their website. The kids were really invested in this and never once sat their sheets down. I mean, I did have three x-box gift cards on the line. :-)

Since I was down here taking pics, I snapped a few of the rest of the space. The basement has a bathroom, storage room and then one small room and one large room that runs almost the length of the house. I mentioned that we have rearranged furniture a million times, and this is why the ceiling lights look like they are in odd locations. The coffee table used to be in front of the banquette, and the pool table used to be under the big drum light. The sofa was in the small room.

The other side of the room now has the pool table. The kids change it from pool to ping pong every few months and right now we are in ping pong mode. The wall of cabinets is great for storage, and the old beer fridge is now stocked with soft drinks and water.

The small room now has a projector, two small recliners and two giant bean bags. We pulled in a few chairs from the dining table for tonight.

I hope that y’all are enjoying a great night – watching the game or not. Honey went to a neighbor’s house and I’m blogging and puttering around the house. :-) I’ll leave you with this…

Happy Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “Winter Super Bowl Snack Centerpiece for Teens

  1. Amanda…you make me smile. I love this and I will promise you they will talk about how special you make things forever. I miss doing fun activities like this for my sons. They are all grown up and away at grad school. i love when we are all together and they talk about all the great celebrations we had in our home.
    Enjoy every moment…it goes by so fast.

    1. June, Thank you so much for sharing that. I already can’t believe that we are already as old as we are. I sincerely hope they do remember these days. I know I will look back on them as the best of the lot. xo

    1. Yes! And, seeing as I know you know teenage boys, the best part was rolling up that $1 tablecloth and throwing the whole mauled pile of leftovers away at the end of the night. :-)

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