Treats for Our Peeps

We love an excuse for a sweet treat around these parts, and holidays always offer up just that!  We made Sweet Treats for our Favorite PEEPS today to deliver to the little’s friends throughout the week.

I whipped up this little bag topper and printed it on regular paper to adorn the baggies.  The image part measures approximately 7″ x 2″ and the entire, unfolded piece measures 7″ x 4″.  This will perfectly top a zip top snack sized bag.

Cut out the toppers and fold in half.

Position four peeps in each baggie and zip.  Using double side tape, attach topper to bag.


And that’s all there is to it!

With that, I’m off to enjoy this fine day.

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City Market

With Honey gallivanting around Vegas for a week, I packed up the littles and scooted down South to Savannah to visit Mother and Daddy-O.  With delightful spring breezes and brilliant skies, we had a primo first afternoon traipsing around City Market. This four-block area of shops, restaurants, entertainment and remarkable people watching has been the social… Read More

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Two Wheelin’

It seems like just days ago that the PCP was tooling around the house on the Diego ride-along that Mimi and Ampa gifted him for his first birthday. Before too long he had graduated from four wheels to three, favoring the classic red tricycle that Mimi and Ampa gifted him for his second birthday (are… Read More

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Birthday Besties

From January first to the first of April, bestie E, bestie N and I all celebrate our birthdays.  When we turned thirty in 2006, we initiated a convivial tradition of collectively choosing our birthday gifts.  That first year, on such a milestone birthday, we exchanged classic Tiffany & Co. sterling silver lockets engraved with our first initials. Since then, we’ve exchanged… Read More

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