Mount Snow {Shredding the Cords + woMAN Down}

Our second day of skiing was another bright and beautifully sunny day, but much colder than the first.  The sun rising over Mount Snow from the W’s kitchen was breathtaking.

The littles were in all day ski school again, which they absolutely LOVE.  They start at 9:15 and finish around 3:30.  By the end of the day they were skiing blues which seems pretty impressive for their second day EVER of even seeing snow.

I feel like I for sure look the part (it’s at least HALF all about the outfit, right?), but I want to be clear that we spent our morning happily tooling around and “shredding the cords” on the bunny slopes.  We progressed from the learning area to our first green in the morning.  The best (?) part was when, after carefully studying the map, we thought we were headed down a blue and both got so discombobulated that Stacey was down in the middle of a trail merge (??) and I was down over in the trees.  HAHA!  I seriously was laughing so hard at our predicament that I cried.  I’m thinking HOW did we get ourselves here and HOW are we going to get ourselves out of here.  We persevered and ended up safely at the bottom only to find out that the blue we were deathly scared of accidentally taking down was actually a green.  True story.

After that harrowing experience we met up with the guys for lunch and a cocktail.  A grilled pb and banana totally hit the spot.  I’m pretty sure I could eat just this for the rest of my life and be happy.

Feeling pretty accomplished after our morning, we headed up MUCH further with the boys.  I have to say that I feel so much safer with Honey around.  We made it down safely from what seemed like the top of the mountain to me (obviously it wasn’t) and it was SO MUCH FUN!!  We were exhausted by the time we got to the bottom and in retrospect it was a bad choice to go up and do it again.  I fell down just the wrong way and hit my knee.  Womp womp.  Y’all know how Amanda and exercise never end well.  HA!

I made it to the bottom again and decided it was high time to unstrap the instruments of death from my feet and get back to what I’m really good at.  Apres ski.

We ordered enough Chinese to feed an army (we do have a party of 14 at this point in time!) and played some games and sat by the fire for the rest of the evening while I nursed my injury and cursed the snow :-)

All in all it was another amazing day and the littles are already proclaiming this their best vacation ever, inching just ahead of our camping at Disney trip.  Hmmm… how are these my people my flesh and blood???!!!!!  :-)


Mount Snow Vermont



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