The Scalloped Beds

I know we all know that I’m working on an update in John’s room.  Well, when we took the beds apart to move them to the attic… you know the beds… the ones that SO many of y’all have asked me about over the years but I couldn’t give you info because I bought them when I had a toddler and no blog and had no memory left… well, I found this…

… the tag inside!  I have no clue if this will help anyone out there source the beds, but fingers crossed it will.  Also, is it weird that I want another one to store away in the attic?

This is because I think I will always have this lovely image from Anita at Cedar Hill Farmhouse seared in my brain.  3 little beds all lined up in a row.

Image result for cedar hill farmhouse beds

If anyone does have success finding the bed, I’d love to know!



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Air Fryer Friday {Brussels Sprouts}

As I started writing this post I thought to myself that writing about my love of brussels sprouts and air fyers is something my 20-something year old self never envisioned my 40-something year old self doing.  Do you ever have those thoughts? Anyway, this is one of my FAVORITE things to cook in the air… Read More

The Miniature Earth Project

John’s social studies teacher started their year with this eye opening and, quite honestly, humbling video.  This is the version that she shared, and I think it is so incredibly powerful with the Mad World lyrics.  The original version can be found here. The Miniature Earth Project reduces the world’s population to community of 100 people… Read More

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