Finally Finished Banquette

Our basement gussy-up project has been in the works for a YEAR this month.  My, how time flies when your having fun husband is slaving away in the bowels of the house for hours on end, week after week, month after month.  We’ve been busy as bees finishing up the corner of space that I’ve most feverishly awaited… the basement banquette!

So, here’s a before shot of the blank wall at the end of the room.

And here is the big basement banquette reveal…a sixteen foot stretch of swanky lounging space.

Dare I say it was worth the wait?!?!  (This, coming from the girl with confessed instant gratification issues.)

Here’s the scoop on the details:
– Board and batten wall and banquette base both painted in Benjamin Moore’s Snow on the Mountain
– Banquette designed by me and lovingly built by Honey
– Bench seat cushions made by local seamstress
– Mirror from Ikea
– Sconces from Pottery Barn
– Yellow, nine rosette pillows from Target
– Yellow coverlet from Target (king size cut down into two throws – one here, one in tv room)
– Monogrammed pillow features custom monogram and embroidery by Number Four Eleven
– Other pillows designed by yours truly and sewn by Mother (tutorial for fabric rosette and ruffles to follow)

And, should you want to peruse the unabridged edition of ALL the titillating details for this entire project, look here for the vision, here for a eight month update and here for the bar reveal.

So, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Honey has made my jaw drop time and again with his impressively industrious ability to take something I lickety-split sketched on paper (with a crayon no doubt) and bring it to life.  I mean, seriously.  He might not be heir to the throne of anywhere other than the navy blue beaut in our master bathroom (sigh) but he’s darn handy (and charming and kind and smart and handsome) and he’s mine all mine :-)  He REALLY outdid himself this time.

Now, before I go revel in the splendid lavishness of my finally finished banquette, I must dust off my wellies and drag my brood to the grocery.  Undoubtedly the most dreaded errand of my week.


I’m thrilled to have been featured at DIY by DesignTatertots and JelloBeneath My HeartInspiration for DecorationThe Exchange and My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!

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