Beautiful and Bewildering

I have been so excited to see Black Swan and when girlfriend S called me for a night out to dinner and the movies she didn’t have to ask twice!

So I spent my afternoon (or maybe three minutes between tending to one sick little one and taming the one hyper little one) daydreaming about my own days of dance.  There was a time that I thought I’d study costume design, choreography and technique in college and be a professional ballerina.  (Somehow I ended up studying calculus, physics and statics and being an engineer.  Hmmm…)

Anyhoo, I landed a few dream roles my senior year in high school and the stress was insane.  The stress I put on myself to be perfect.  The stress on my body from excruating rehearsals, bleeding toes, cracked toenails and utter exhaustion.  The stress of deciding what to do with your life (ballet and engineer are two radically different choices) when you’re at the oh-so-wise age of seventeen.  You get the picture.

I went IN to the theater excited to see some dancing and knowing that while ballet looks beautifully easy to the audience, it’s pretty stressful for the dancer.

So, the movie takes a beautiful dancer (NP was not perfect, but was convincing), puts her in one of the most beautiful ballets ever choreographed, costumes her in some of the most beautiful tutus I’ve laid eyes on and left me feeling utterly and completely bewildered.

I came OUT of that theater thinking knowing that dance actually could have driven me even crazier than E-mag.  That’s impressive.

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Ho Hum

Ho Hum… that’s kind of how I felt after watching the unveiling of the 2011 HGTV Dream Home.  I generally cannot wait for the big reveal each New Years Day but I just wasn’t swooning over this house like I have in years past.  Now, that being said, there were certainly some aspects that I… Read More

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Given my love all things Southern, I was just ecstatic to learn about Sucker denim.  A product of Charleston, one quintesential Southern city, these fashion forward “new South” jeans marry the timelessness of seersucker with the edginess denim. I got right on the phone, called 1-To-My-Sucker (no joke) and ordered the Savannah (couldn’t be more… Read More

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