Happy Hour {Empress 75}

After spending the first couple of weeks of quarantine being stalked by Empress Gin ads on every social media platform I use, I finally clicked over to their site to see what it was all about. Well, lo and behold, their targeted marketing was spot on and before I knew what was happening I was searching for a retailer. I was in luck when my local package store was listed and we added a stop there to our once a week outings. After looking at the bottle for a few days, I finally cracked it open. I’m not really a gin drinker – or much of a liquor drinker – truth be told. But, it was purple and I’d stared at ads full of lovely drinks for weeks at this point. Much how I cooked my way through Ina’s Foolproof, I decided to drink myself through the Empress repertoire. HA!

I started with the Empress 75 and it remains my favorite to date. I can say with confidence, it’s the best cocktail I’ve ever made at home! Isn’t she beautiful?

Empress 75

A cocktail made for celebration, the Empress 75 is sparkling, effervescent and deliciously sippable. Think of it as a graduated mimosa.

  • 1½ OZ EMPRESS 1908 GIN

Shake on ice, fine strain into a chilled flute, top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a lemon twist.

I am so devoted to my new cocktail craft that I made my own simple syrup (keeps well in a mason jar in the fridge), found a great organic lemon juice in lieu of squeezing (publix) AND learned how to make a lemon twist (super easy!)

Botanical gins must be all the rage, or else I’ve now been labeled a botanical gin drinker. They keep popping up everywhere online now. Speaking of which, in exactly 10 minutes at 4PM Eastern, I’ll be tuning in to Facebook Live for virtual cocktails at Highclere Castle on the Highclere Castle Gin page!

Cheers, y’all!

Other Empress Cocktails

Empress 75

A cocktail made for celebration, the Empress 75 is sparkling, effervescent and deliciously sippable. Think of it as a graduated mimosa.

Empress Royal Hawaiian

Tall, tropical and tasty. If you’ve ever wanted a sip of sunshine, the Royal Hawaiian is as close as you’ll get.

Cool as a Cucumber

A fresh twist on the beloved gimlet cocktail, the Cool As A Cucumber brings tart, herbal spring flavours into the spotlight.

Empress Layover

Take a break with this delightful and delicious cocktail. Hints of cucumber and rosemary make the Layover a perfect drink to sit back and relax with.

Empress Aviation

Balanced with a touch of sweetness, the Empress Aviation is an early 20th century classic revamped and ready for take-off.

Empress Blue Moon

This cocktail is based on Hugo Ensslin’s 1916 Aviation recipe, merely omitting the Maraschino.

Watermelon Sugar

The Watermelon Sugar cocktail is the summer sip you’ve been waiting for. With the refreshing flavours of watermelon, lime, and basil this drink is bound to be a hit!

Empress Strawberry Basil Lemon Smash

The perfect cocktail for your summer harvest!

Empress & Elderflower

This spring-inspired take on our signature serve is delightfully refreshing with its subtle floral notes and bright citrus garnish.

Empress Lavender Lemonade

Your favourite childhood treat, reimagined. The freshness of homestyle lemonade sings alongside the lightly floral lavender honey, keeping you coming back for more. Cocktail created at Q Bar, Fairmont Empress Hotel.

3 Empress Holiday Cocktails

Find the Rosemary 75, Cranberry 75 and Yule Mule!

Hope y’all have a wonderful first weekend of October!!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Hour {Empress 75}

    1. Don’t laugh… I used a can of sparkling wine from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t want to open a whole bottle for 2 drinks.

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