Happy Hour {Empress Royal Hawaiian}

Happy Friday! We’ve made it to week six in quarantine. Today I’m sharing another gorgeous and delicious Empress gin cocktail! As noted when I kicked off my happy hour series last week, I’m not a regular gin drinker, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the Empress recipes. Without further ado, I present the Empress Royal Hawaiian! (I made that, y’all!)

Empress Royal Hawaiian

Tall, tropical and tasty. If you’ve ever wanted a sip of sunshine, the Royal Hawaiian is as close as you’ll get.


  • 1½ OZ EMPRESS 1908 GIN


Shake all ingredients except gin with ice. Strain into a collins glass with crushed ice, layer gin on top. Garnish with a pineapple wedge.

Note: Oregat syrup is almond syrup. I purchased THIS bottle. I have not only enjoyed it in cocktails, but also a dab in my iced coffee!

Other Empress Cocktails

Empress 75

A cocktail made for celebration, the Empress 75 is sparkling, effervescent and deliciously sippable. Think of it as a graduated mimosa.

Empress Royal Hawaiian

Tall, tropical and tasty. If you’ve ever wanted a sip of sunshine, the Royal Hawaiian is as close as you’ll get.

Cool as a Cucumber

A fresh twist on the beloved gimlet cocktail, the Cool As A Cucumber brings tart, herbal spring flavours into the spotlight.

Empress Layover

Take a break with this delightful and delicious cocktail. Hints of cucumber and rosemary make the Layover a perfect drink to sit back and relax with.

Empress Aviation

Balanced with a touch of sweetness, the Empress Aviation is an early 20th century classic revamped and ready for take-off.

Empress Blue Moon

This cocktail is based on Hugo Ensslin’s 1916 Aviation recipe, merely omitting the Maraschino.

Watermelon Sugar

The Watermelon Sugar cocktail is the summer sip you’ve been waiting for. With the refreshing flavours of watermelon, lime, and basil this drink is bound to be a hit!

Empress Strawberry Basil Lemon Smash

The perfect cocktail for your summer harvest!

Empress & Elderflower

This spring-inspired take on our signature serve is delightfully refreshing with its subtle floral notes and bright citrus garnish.

Puzzle of the Day

Yesterday’s answer: you are removing matches to spell out T E N

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4 thoughts on “Happy Hour {Empress Royal Hawaiian}

  1. Amanda, the cocktails look wonderful! Did you find the Empress locally in Atlanta or did you have to order it?
    PS….LOVE the new exterior paint colors!

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