Front Porch Pics

One of my neighbors is a photographer and has been taking “socially distant” porch photos of families over the past week. Funds raised go to our local school foundation. We’ve been doing our best to support local groups feeding kids, local groups feeding healthcare workers, shopping local and getting takeout from local restaurants once a week. This was such a fun activity and a way to capture these historic and strange times, while giving back at the same time.

We dressed in our typical “shelter at home” attire to appropriately capture this time. Honey and Whit have been walking the golf course behind our house almost every evening. John continues to do lacrosse drills and work on his rebounder. Both boys log a staggering number of hours on the xbox as we have pretty much lifted all restrictions there. And, as for me, it’s athleisure all day until my pjs go on at night. Elsa is my constant companion, but that’s nothing new.

The boys…

The girls…

While I have thrown myself into trying to keep our time at home positive and to celebrate all of the things we normally would have (while working and sort of monitoring school work), Honey has been our emotional rock. <3

We wrapped up our mini session with this fun one. The pictures were on our last day of Spring Break, what would have been our last day on the slopes in Vail. We threw on our ski jackets and posed for our Spring Break 2020 shot.

I am sharing these not to make light of the situation, but to share some light we found in the situation. We will have been sheltering at home for 5 weeks come Friday. My boys have missed out on so much at school and in sports. I hate that they are the “seniors” of their respective schools and won’t ever get that closure or those festivities. Honey is working harder than ever, thankfully, while I have pretty much lost my job (but must continue to work to undo so many plans.) We missed our ski trip and I’m sure our Disney Cruise & Disney World trip will be cancelled any day now. We’ve eaten way too much and have enjoyed more happy hours than I care to admit (we’ve put a spin on the freshman 15, calling it the covid 19). In the grand scheme of things, our role is easy and small and far from monumental. But some days are hard, like really hard. Most days are fine. And a few have been extremely memorable and randomly fun. I pray for our country and our leaders and the heroes on the frontline. I hope we can weather this storm and come out changed for the better. <3

Puzzle of the Day

Yesterday’s answer: 042

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9 thoughts on “Front Porch Pics

  1. Love these pics!! I’ve been called the weight gain the “Quarantine 15!” Haha I work as a travel agent as well and work mostly with Disney, so I definitely relate to the “lost job” sentiment. Looking forward to happier times ahead and more travel planning in the future when the shelter in place is lifted and families are ready to travel again!

  2. These pictures are all beautiful Amanda, especially of you and Elsa. Thank you for always being honest and upbeat, your blog remains a bright spot even in difficult times. Everyday we are getting closer to the end!

  3. Cute pics!

    I canceled our RC cruise just the other day and our hotel for before and after the cruise today:( I look forward to the day we can travel again. I’m sorry you are having to fix a lot of travel plans right now but I bet you’ll be SUPER busy once this is all over because people are going to want to travel. I know my family does! Take care <3

  4. Whatever gets us through the day, week is good. Thank you for the puzzle of the day idea. Did you mention where you find these and I just missed it? So love this light-hearted moment for each day. Thank you again.

  5. This is a fantastic idea!

    We are in similar shape, although my Honey has been home since his accident in November – we were just beginning to assess and contemplate him going back to work this summer, and now that timeline is totally defunct. I’ve lost my job and my teaching/tutoring income from our homeschool community. Ryan isn’t a senior, but a junior and this baseball season would’ve been his commitment year. I have no idea now how that will go. Also, his SAT testing dates were cancelled.

    The thing that is hardest for us isn’t the day to day or being “trapped” at home, but rather everything being up in the air, and just not knowing (not FEAR of the unknown, just the unknown itself).

    Your positivity and upbeat outlook on life is my favorite. Thank you for continuing to share after all these years! xo

  6. I’m curious, is your school, PTA, or 5th grade parents planning anything for the students to celebrate graduation? We’re in a similar situation, and some of the parents and PTA are starting to throw out ideas on what we can do to still celebrate this transition.

    1. No, they aren’t planning anything as far as I know. Georgia starts to reopen Friday and the end of school wouldn’t have been until the week before Memorial Day. I guess the next few weeks will be telling in regards to if anything in person can happen. LMK if you hear any great distance ideas!

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