Magical Monday {Surry Bike Ride 40×41}

This little post has finally been rescued from the drafts folder for Magical Monday!!  And, it’s another check off the 40×41 bucket list!!

#32: Take a party bike or surrey bike ride (every time I see one the people look like they are having an immense amount of fun)


When we stayed at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort last September, we took the opportunity to rent a surrey bike!  And it WAS an immense amount of fun.


We did quite a few loops around the boardwalk, peddling, coasting, dinging the bell and really just having a delightful time.  The littles had a blast as well and I’m feeling like this won’t be a one and done kind of experience.

If you are interested in taking a Disney surrey bike, know that you have meet the 4.5′ height requirement to pedal (whew, I just made it).  The baby sat in the front seat and was in charge of bell ringing.  And, once we got going, we cheated the system a bit and let John pedal.  I know… rebels.  If you have kids in this age range and if both are just under the height requirement, you will want to make sure everyone can fit comfortably on the one seat bike before renting.  If Whit were any bigger he would not have fit in that basket.

Now, I am still hopeful that I can get Sister and her Mister and Honey on one of the Slow Rides down at Tybee this summer.  We’ll all be down there for Sister’s birthday and it seems terribly festive :-)  Stay tuned for part two of #32 on the bucket list…


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4 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Surry Bike Ride 40×41}

  1. My husband and I rented one of these at the beach once when were first dating and were surprised how hard it can be to pedal, but still a memorable experience that we still laugh today! We were on a fairly narrow path and I was always so scared we would side sweep other bikers on the path

  2. They have these bikes at the beach (down by the Pier) in Santa Barbara, CA, too. They are a ton of fun and a great way to do some sight-seeing! Looks like it was a good time.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from

  3. So fun! We rented one of these with my husband and parents a few years ago and it was exhausting, scary, but such a blast! I remember feeling like I was going to die pedaling up those bridges, and then how terrifying it was flying down the bridges worried we would tip over. Looks like ya’ll had a great time, I would love to do again.

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