Magical Monday {Club Villain}

We used one of our Hollywood Studio days to attend the Club Villain event.  After hearing so many great reviews, we were thrilled that it was extended to cover our trip dates.  Before we go there, I’ll share a few peeks of our afternoon in the park…

We made our 3 fast passes for Toy Story, Tower of Terror (John and me x2) and Star Tours.






Afterwards we had plenty of time for goofing around and our FAVE carrot cake cookies at Writer’s Stop.



And in the last hour or so before the party started, we did a TON more thanks to the ability to add more fast passes on the fly from the app.  We hit Launch Bay, rubbed elbows with the Jawas, and bumped fists with Kylo.  Well, not really seeing as he has major attitude.  LOL.




John and I found no line at Olaf while the other two were in the potty.  He smelled SO yummy!


We admired the gorgeous doors at the Chinese Theater and tried on the hands and feet of our fave characters for size while we waited a few minutes on our fast passes.





And we hit Rock n Rollercoaster.  I LOVE the baby’s face in this…


As we walked out of RnR, we noticed that they were checking people in for Club Villain.  It was still early but we headed that way.  They checked our credentials and we were led into a private area with a fantastic view of Tower of Terror looming overhead.  They handed us glasses of champagne and bottles of water and we enjoyed passed hors d’oeurves and the Star Wars fireworks while we waited.  So fun already!






The tables were assigned, which eliminated the usual rush of Disney people to get the best seat in the house.  Inside, the decorations were wonderfully villainous!!  Every single inch was decked out.  The littles were in awe… shoot, so were the adults!





I didn’t get great pictures of the food and drinks, but they were tasty and very well themed.  Each of the lady villains (Cruella, Maleficent, Evil Queen and Queen of Hearts) and her own themed dessert and cocktail!  There were virgin varieties of the cocktails for two of them, as well as water and soft drinks.  The dinner food had a cajun/creole twist in a nod to our host, Dr Facilier.  It was all very good and we stuffed ourselves.  They were overly attentive to the littles, offering all sorts of “kid food”, but they were happy with the buffets.



The DJ kept people on the dance floor all night, and the characters took the floor as well a couple of times.






In addition to assigned tables, we were also assigned meet and greet times for the ladies of the night, which eliminated any sort of wait or jockeying in lines.  I loved it!  They character interactions were hands down the best we’ve ever had.


The baby pulled up a picture of Elsa on my phone and showed her to Cruella.  Well, Cruella LOVED this and gushed about how “nice” Elsa was.  She was hysterical when she started looking all around the room and said “did you bring her????  where iiiiiisssss she?”.  I happen to LOVE Cruella, and sometimes my family calls me Cruella.  Why?!  She loved my tee and bow on my ears and we got along swimmingly.






Each of the areas was totally decked out.  How fabulous is this!?


Maleficent was quite gorgeous, even with her green face.





Evil Queen wanted nothing to do with us.  I laughed so hard when John asked “So, you have any apples on you?”  LOL.  She turned up her nose and replied “NO, I keep them safe from varmints like you.”  HA!



When the characters were on the dance floor, guests were invited to try out their thrones.  I asked Mirror Mirror on the wall who was the fairest of them all.  Evil Queen was NOT too happy.




Queen of Hearts stole the show with her antics.  She did NOT like that we had other villains on our shirts and made us cover them up. She was also quite fond of Honey.






It was an expensive night but VERY fun overall.  No more dates have been announced for Club Villain so I am really glad that we did it.  Many fun memories were made this night!!


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9 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Club Villain}

  1. What a fun night! I love the villains! You have so many great pictures! I can’t do the Star Tours because it makes me sick…even when I close my eyes. Love your cute bow outfit! I need to get my New Year’s Disney outfit ready. Too much to do.

    1. It used to make me sick too. I don’t know… I can do it now! So excited you are going for NYE. Bucket list item for sure!

  2. Looks like a fun night – I have always wanted to do that.

    Being that you are a Disney expert – I have to ask you…is is “Mirrror, Mirror on the wall” or “Magic Mirror on the wall”. I think I know your answer based on your post…but look it up. You will find many quotes (another being “Luke, I am your father”) that we all say wrong…or remember incorrectly. Or is it as my daughter says, the Mandela Effect?

    Check it out and let me know what you think :)

    1. Well, I couldn’t resist not knowing for SURE and so I went and looked at a movie clip. You are correct – it is Magic Mirror on the wall. I stand corrected!!! I also had to look up the Mandela Effect because I’ve never heard of it and got every single one wrong on a list in the article I read. Interesting.

      1. I got every single one wrong as did my husband & son (they still can’t believe the S.W. Darth Vadar quote). I had never heard of the Mandela Effect either…very strange how our mind works. Just thought it was fun to share :)

  3. My son would be crazy for this! We went to Disney one time to celebrate Halloween and see all the villains and we had a marvelous time! You guys deserve this! Glad it was a blast for you!

  4. How fun! And why have I never heard of this? You seem to never miss anything that is going on at Disney!!! You know all the cool things. Where do you get all your Disney info to hear about these events?

    1. Mostly through podcasts. I’ve never been really into music so I listen to them while I walk and drive. Faves are Dis Unplugged and WDW Radio. Also the disboards are a good place to stalk for info.

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