Denver Highlights {Hotel Teatro, Mile High Bike Tours + Union Station}

We scooted out to Denver last weekend for a dear friend’s wedding.  It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but we had so much fun seeing the city and spending time with the oldest of friends.  Thanks to a bunch of your suggestions, I feel like we really made the most of our weekend.  Here were the highlights…

Hotel Teatro

The groom suggested the historic Hotel Teatro, located in the 1911 Tramway Building, and it was a great home away from home.

The rooms themselves were average but “The Study” on the lobby level turned out to be a meeting place for our group and made our stay here absolutely perfect.  There were quite a few of us here for the weekend and at any given time of the day you would find a friendly face having coffee, a snack or a cocktail.  It truly felt like being in a good friend’s home!

There was a chic bistro area at the far end of The Study that served breakfast, housemade pastries and coffee in the morning, as well as cocktails, local craft beer and charcuterie in the evening.

We also had the pleasure of dining in The Nickel when we arrived back from our bike tour absolutely ravenous.  Again, this was just a lovely and inviting space and we all had a good experience here.

For brunch they had a fabulous $20 bottomless cocktail cart with a charcuterie bloody mary bar, white russian cereal and milk bar, and mimosa bar!  Sister and I also couldn’t help but notice that whoever styled this each day had fabulous attention to detail.  :-)

One other amenity that we loved was the courtesy car that delivers you door to door at any Denver location in a 2-ish mile radius.  We used this service a few times and found we were able to go every place we wanted to (because 2 miles doesn’t sound very far).

Mile High Bike Tours

Our Saturday morning adventure was SO much FUN!  We took a 10-mile jaunt around Denver with Mile High Bike Tours.

Honey and I were joined by Sister and her Mister and the four of us agreed that the tour was excellent and we were so glad that we did it!  It was a rather last minute decision, as we didn’t even book it until about 7AM, with the tour leaving at 10AM.

This guided city bike ride highlights loads of Denver’s most important and relevant tourist sites including historic and public buildings, architectural masterpieces, professional sports stadiums, scores of public art installations, parks and outdoor venues.  One of our favorites was the time we spent along the Cherry Creek Trail.

The entire tour was made on designated bike trails, including riverside paths, city bike lanes and neighborhood streets so we felt safe at all times.  The terrain was almost all flat and very easy to navigate.  I am no biker, but handled it well.  I will say that just due to the 10-mile distance over about 3 hours that you would want to have some level of fitness to take it on.  We were quite tired at the end.

Mile High Bike tours provided us with the bikes, sunscreen and water.  Each bike had a basket for carrying your personal items.

Our guide was Monique (I think…) and she was excellent.  She was knowledgeable, well spoken and humorous.  She pulled us over in front of certain landmarks and attractions to explain what we were looking at.  Through the entire morning she kept a good pulse on how we were doing, stopping for a little breather here and there, allowing us to take pictures and making sure we refilled our water bottles when needed.  (It was 95 degrees!!!)  

I am SO glad that we did this tour.  It was the very best way I can think of to see so much of a city when you have so little time to do it!

Oh, and I should mention that right at the moment where we were tuckering out (about 2 hours in) she pulled us over at Union Station for ice cream at Milk Box.  This salted oreo cone was ahhhh-mazing and absolutely hit the spot.  They were scooping the same ice cream at the wedding that night and I was not above indulging in another cone!

Union Station

Speaking of Union Station, this was the final area where we spent most of our time.  It is an actual operating train station that was always a buzz with activity.

On our first night we headed straight to The Cooper Lounge located on the upper level of Union Station and overlooking the activity. We had cocktails and a light meal and then met up with the rest of our crew at The Cruise Room.

Bright and early Saturday morning we opened up Snooze.  HA!  This brunch spot was SO yummy and tends to run a line out the door with long waits.  However, the East coast birds get the worm when the time change is in our favor.

Honey stayed and slept in, but I headed out with Sister and her Mister.  All three of us enjoyed our long and delicious breakfast on the patio.  I definitely would eat here again!

The Milk Box ice cream that I mentioned earlier is also in Union Station, as well as the Terminal Bar on the lower level.  We did have a delicious pretzel with cheese there that hit the spot one late night.

The Wedding

The highlight of our trip was absolutely being there for this special guy to start his happily ever after.  He was not only a childhood friend of Honey, but they graduated high school together, went to Georgia Tech together, pledged SAE together and have remained friends for years.

The wedding was outdoors in a lovely park.

And the reception was a real party, lasting about 6 hours with a band, cocktails, music and many, many friends!!!!  So many friends from college that we all knew and friends from growing up that Honey knew.

I loved their place card board.  They tacked each person’s table up on a card over a picture of them with the bride or groom.  So cute and so much fun to pour through.

The photo booth worked hard that night!  The pic in the middle is actually Honey and the groom with their middle school friends.  How cool!  I’m not sure I could name this many friends from middle school, much less get them to fly across the country for my wedding :-)

All in all, we had a wonderful time.  It had been a very long time since we attended a wedding and it sure was special.

All of our best wishes for a long and happy marriage John and Maggey!!!!



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