Gone Fishin’ and Crabbin’

Honey joined us in Savannah Friday night and we spent all of Saturday down at the dock.

Honey picked up a whole bunch of chicken necks and we had so much fun checking the traps for crabs.  We pulled up five or six over the course of day but threw all of them back to plump up before dining on them :-)

John loves hunting fiddlers at low tide.  He particularly loves tormenting his little brother with them.

But we do all of that with Mommy in tow.  With Daddy along they were SO happy to fish!

We caught a lot over the course of the day, most of which was pretty small.  Everything was released right back into the water except for a two-and-a-half foot shark that my parent’s neighbor claimed.  ew.

Elsa had a grand day out on the dock.  She might live in Atlanta but she’s a salty dog.

We moved down to Sister’s place at Tybee Saturday night.  Stay tuned for a whole lot of beach fun!



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