Tybee Times

To wrap up our time down at Tybee, I’m just popping in with a few obligatory beach pictures.  We set up our camp each day and the kids swam, rode waves, dug in the sand and built castles for hours on end.  I am so thankful that they get to grow up with their cousins.

Since I get asked often, here are my two tips for a good beach spot at Tybee.  Try the 18th street boardwalk if you need parking and have a lot of stuff to roll out.  If you’re walking or on bikes, 12th street is quiet and not too crowded.  We avoid the pier at all times.  :-)

My first koozie Cricut project turned out cute!  Mother ironed the monograms on for me and we think we got the iron too hot. But, not too shabby for $1 koozies and about 5 minutes of time.

We are back home in Atlanta now.  Man, it’s just as hot and humid here but we don’t have the cool ocean and marsh breezes!



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4 thoughts on “Tybee Times

  1. While we were in Savannah with our girl scouts, we visited Tybee. We walked down to the beach across the street from the lighthouse and also at the pier during an activity at the Marine Center. Both places made me sad with all the trash and people just being inconsiderate. Next time I will seek out your suggestions.

  2. Another awesome post. Thank you, Amanda, and I’m so glad you enjoyed your beach trip!

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