Summer in Savannah {Home Sweet Home}

We were up bright and early after the big party to hit the road home!  This really is my favorite sight in the world…

I came down with Whit while John is with friends at the lake for a couple of days.  Honey will pick him up after work Friday and join us!  We are all looking forward to a lot of salt air, beach time and celebrating Sister’s actual 4-0 (finally!).

I’ve already received a few messages looking for advice on visiting Savannah.  Check out all of our favorites here >> Delightful Savannah.  I’ll also update it with things we do this trip!!



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3 thoughts on “Summer in Savannah {Home Sweet Home}

  1. Totally unrelated, but I just recommended you on a Mom board in Los Angeles as a Disney vacation planner. I said I have never used your services but enjoy your blog and your responses are always thoughtful. A mom was looking for someone to help her with a DisneyWorld trip.

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