Summer in Savannah {Tybee Times}

Tybee beach has been so quiet the last few days after the holiday!  We’ve had it nearly to ourselves.  These two have not separated for more than a few minutes since we arrived –  you just see their little heads there in the water.  We’ve laughed so hard because every now and then Whit would start floating face down and you could see Jay’s mouth still moving a mile a minute.  They get along beautifully but couldn’t be more different.

Of course, I’ve also loved playing with this sweet girl.  She has the biggest personality!

Poor John was at the lake with a friend right before leaving to come down here and had to get stitches in his knee when he cut it badly on a rock.  He’s been so sad to miss the beach and we’ve really missed having him around.  He’s here but he’s been ensconced in the house since he can’t ride bikes, scooters or swim in the ocean.  Honey joined us for the weekend and we have loved having him here!!

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3 thoughts on “Summer in Savannah {Tybee Times}

  1. Best wishes, John. I’m so sorry to hear about your knee but now you will have a scar you make up stories about! Feel better soon.

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