Walk of Fame 2019

It’s almost hard to believe that another school year has come to a close. Every one passes faster than the last. A skeleton crew of the elementary aged kids arrived home to find the usual ambush of silly string, water guns and popsicles! Would you believe that we are missing FIVE more boys (plus one pre-school aged little brother) from our usual bus stop crew in this picture?!

We’ve celebrated a LOT of things over the years, but the last day of school Walk of Fame is my most favorite of all. It’s not elaborate or expensive, but it makes me happier, prouder and more excited than any of the others and is a small thing to remind the boys of how much we love them and just how proud we are of them.  I line the driveway or sidewalk with signs touting their accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom, from the past year.

I did Whit’s along the left side and John’s along the right this year.

Here’s a little recap of an incredible SEVENTH and FOURTH grade year for my two favorite kids in the world.

With that, we are well on our way to settling into a summer routine. Whit is off to swim team in the mornings, while John sleeps until lunch. The seem to alternate late afternoons between baseball and lacrosse practices. I am so thankful that my work allows me to be home with them every single day this summer. With a rising 8th grader in the house, I’m trying to live in the moment of THIS summer rather than think about how few we have left.

We have no plans this holiday weekend. I hope you and yours enjoy lots of sun and fun!

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10 thoughts on “Walk of Fame 2019

  1. Congrats to your precious boys! We still have another month of school but the days are flying by. Weren’t are boys just babies?…. Enjoy your weekend. We are hanging close to home as well!

  2. This is always, always my favorite post of the year! Congratulations, boys, on all of your accomplishments! xo

  3. Yaaaaay! 👏👏👏👏 Congrats to all of you for a successful year! Great work on The Walk, Amanda.🌹 I am happy to see they still like Silly String.😉 Have a wonderful weekend and start to your summer! ⛱🛌☉⚾🏊🕶 God bless our military and country. ❤

    1. They are fencing stakes and they are from Home Depot. We’ve used the same ones every year.

  4. i love how special you make little things for your boys! it really warms my heart and is so nice to see! hope yall have a great summer! xoxox

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