Atlanta {A Treehouse Anniversary}

For our 17th anniversary in mid-May, Honey and I stole away to a secluded treehouse in the middle of the hustle and bustle of intown Atlanta. This popular airbnb books up so quickly that Honey set up our adventure a full year in advance!

You find your accommodations down a hidden driveway between two houses in a residential neighborhood in the Howell Mill / Collier area. Cross a little bridge …

… and you are greeted with this unique three “room” treehouse!

The first is the charming living room. There is comfy seating, a coffee table, a fan, juliet balcony and the amenities of home. The treehouse host delivers coffee in the morning at your leisure, buy leaving a basket outside. We packed our own small cooler with snacks, cheese, wine and water, and had plans to eat out for our meals.

Across another bridge is the bedroom. This space can be closed off with doors and curtains for privacy, but its real beauty lies in keeping the back completely open and sleeping under the stars on the roll-out platform bed.

The third space, connected by another bridge, has a dart board, eno hammock and more seating.

The treehouse sleeps two and no children or pets are allowed. I so wish my boys could have come experience it, as they would have LOVED it and I might have loved it more through their eyes. :-)

I’m sure you are wondering… is there a bathroom? Electricity? Bugs? There is a bathroom, but it is located in the basement of the main house. The bathroom is designated for guests of the treehouse. It is not fancy, but it is functional. There is electricity and we made good use of the fans, charged our phones, etc. In mid-May we were quite comfortable. The fairy lights are spectacular at night – both charming and romantic as well as being functional. There was a wonderful lack of bugs. We slept with the doors and windows all open and the bed out on the platform.

The treehouse was Airbnb’s #1 “most wished-for” listing worldwide for both 2016 and 2017, and many dates book up a year in advance. It was an adventure I won’t soon forget. Do I recommend it? If you love camping and nature, then yes! If you love the creature comforts of a beautiful hotel, head to the St. Regis. They cost about the same. :-)

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5 thoughts on “Atlanta {A Treehouse Anniversary}

  1. I love this! Very unique. What about privacy from other people? You said it was in between 2 houses and it’s in the woods so how do other people not wander there?

    We have a date night coming up with something similar but on an eclectic houseboat!

  2. This looks fun. I would have lost my pillows off of that weirs bed balcony thing, and possibly a blanket- I am a rambunctious sleeper. The bathroom being so far away would be awkward I would think if you are one who gets up in the night to pee. Other than that, I think it would be a unique experience for sure.

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