Tybee Times 2020

Well, we finally did it. We scooted out of Atlanta – and our house – for the first time since March 13. We spent the week at Sister’s beach house on Tybee and it was absolutely GLORIOUS! We started having Sunday Suppers with her family a couple of weeks ago, and decided we were better together. And so, our quaran”team” doubled in size!

We walked to sunsets…

We ate ourselves silly… and BOY was it nice to have some else cook for us and a reason to order in ALL the good things! (Island favorites that we hit were Sundae Cafe, Current Kitchen, Spanky’s Beachside and Savannah Praline Company.) Sister also made us delicious meals, which was a real treat if you know her!!

The girls walked Broughton Street and had a treat from Paris Market…

We finally got to experience the taco box from Bull Street Tacos that have been a highlight of my parent’s sheltering at home…

We got plenty of vitamin-sea…

The girls biked to coffee at Java & Juice each morning…

We got a little bit of work and school done…

We fed all the island cats, every day…

… and we celebrated the things we’d missed. Mother’s Day, Honey’s birthday, and so on and so forth!

It was such a great time – being with family, having the cousins together, sitting in the sun, and slowing down the insane work pace Honey had been keeping. We are already looking forward to our return!!!

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