Historic Savannah {Sightseeing}

After our three days at Tybee Island with Sister’s family, we packed up and headed in town for a stay in Savannah’s historic district! This was such a huge treat for many reasons, including the fact that the last time I stayed in a hotel in Savannah was on my wedding night!

I’m excited to highlight some of Savannah’s sites, dining, shopping and more over the next couple of days.

First things first, we headed into town with NO plan or itinerary. Savannah is completely doable like this. There’s no need to stress over an hour by hour plan. It is, of course, great to have a loose list of what you’d like to see and do. These are simply things we walked to and by, soaking up the charm and history of Savannah. You can find tons of details on Savannah on this page:

We stayed at the Perry Lane Hotel, one of my Virtuoso affiliated luxury properties, and I will share ALL of those details this week. It’s great location puts you within walking distance of sightseeing, dining and shopping. I loved giving my boys a tour of places I grew up visiting. You will absolutely want to leave time in your day to walk Savannah’s squares.

Mother started her career as a teacher, but went on to work at the Savannah Chatham Board of Education. We spent many hours here at her office while she worked (mostly in the summer). I can still vividly remember Sister and I playing hide and seek inside with the soaring ceilings, creaking floors and massive staircases. Of course there were plenty of ghost stories too!

The Savannah Theater was also a place I logged many childhood hours. In addition to ballet, I was an avid theater fan and took many drama lessons and camps right here inside of this historic building. I won a play-writing contest many years ago and got to cast, direct and stage my play here! It was incredibly cool and something I should share more about. :-) The play was called “The Roach that Ate Mrs. Coleman’s Class.” Mrs. Coleman was my second and third grade teacher and a lady that made a huge impression on my life. She’s now in her 80s and we recently reconnected via email!

The Ballastone Inn is my favorite for clients looking for small, boutique accommodations. Honey and his family stayed here for our wedding festivities back in the day.

No trip home is complete without attending mass OR at least taking time for a prayer at The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. We grew up attending mass here. Honey surprised picked me up after one said mass in a horse drawn carriage back in 2001 and proposed to me! Then we were married here the following year. The boys are in awe every time we bring them here.

The Colonial Cemetery is another one of my favorite places in Savannah. I know it sounds odd, but I’ve shared here before that I love cemeteries. I did multiple school projects on this very cemetery during my grade school years. The family did a quick cut through with me one afternoon, but I headed back on my own the next morning to read headstones and soak it all in.

There are a few roof-top destinations that I enjoy, but Peregrin at the Perry Lane Hotel was one we frequented on this trip! (Others include Perch, Drayton Hotel Rooftop and Rocks on the Roof (at the Bohemian Hotel, also one of my partner resorts).

If you’re curious about covid-19 in Savannah, much of the charm of the city is located outdoors! It’s a lovely city to explore and there are plenty of things to do.

Please do hop over to my Savannah page for more details on what to see and do in the area! I have tons more details there.

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  1. I LOVE Savannah. I’m so fortunate we lived there for almost a decade. I hope to make it back sometime soon.

    Did you stop by Leopolds?

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