Breckenridge {Ski Days}

We absolutely loved skiing in Breckenridge. It ended up being our favorite ski trip so far! There were great greens for me, blues for Whit and blacks for John and Honey! The snow was perfect and, being such a scaredy cat, I loved the wide open slopes.

I enjoyed it so much, I bumped my lift pass from 3 to 4 days. Honey and John were out there 6 full days. Whit took just one day off!

The lift lines were really long each morning – 25 to 40 minutes. Social distancing was easy peasy with skis on. Masks were strictly enforced everywhere in Breckenridge, including on the lift lines. Once you were up, we were told to do as you wish. It was so cold, I didn’t see anyone peeking as much as nose out for more than a few seconds.

Honey was able to meet up for a day with one of his oldest friends! They attended school together from middle through Georgia Tech and were fraternity brothers. We took a great trip out to Denver a few years ago for his wedding, in fact.

The teens had a wonderful time exploring the mountain a little on their own. Both dads took days to ski with them as well. It was handy having friends there are comparable levels – otherwise I don’t know how Honey would have ever divided his time between his three needy family members.

Now, where I really excel is in the apres department. I loved this Bloody Mary in a can. We don’t have it here in Georgia but it was tasty!

As a travel advisor, I get a LOT of inquiries wanting to know if the experience is “compromised” for various destinations. There was absolutely nothing we wanted to do in Breckenridge that we didn’t get to do! The city was extremely strict about masks and the lift lines were adamant about distancing (very Disney like on both accounts!). However, the shuttle busses crammed people in to standing room only (FYI).

The only difficult part of the trip was finding a place to warm up on the mountain. There is very little inside dining and reservations were only able to be made day of. (Indoor dining note… everywhere also did contact tracing as you entered) We had indoor seating only 2 of our 6 ski days, and it was absolutely freezing outside on the others! This was the only thing that made me wish we had been staying in a ski in / ski out resort – the ability to easily go to the room to get warm and have lunch. Specific to Breckenridge, if you want a place to get out of the cold, try Cabin Juice. It was always available and just a very short walk from Maggie’s, which never had a table the entire time we were there!

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3 thoughts on “Breckenridge {Ski Days}

  1. How wonderful! My guys have always wanted to go out west to ski. Breckenridge looks perfect! How nice that you were able to meet up with friends as well. Sounds like an awesome trip!

  2. Yay! We love ski trips! I’m so thrilled to see your content on this destination, as we are headed there for spring break. I’m hoping for bluebird days and warmer temps while enjoying the slopes.

  3. Looks like a beautiful trip. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for the battery powered taper candles tip! Where have they been all my life.. I love them!

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