Happy Father’s Day

We’re spread out along the East Coast from Philly to Myrtle Beach to Savannah today, but it doesn’t mean these three absolutely amazing dads aren’t on my mind today!

To “Honey”, thank you for being our easy going, hard working, care giving, algebra and physics teaching rock. Whit and I hate not being with you today but please know I’m doing all of the father things – sleeping in late, lounging by the pool while he runs wild, eating copious amounts of brunch and searching through piles of dirty clothes in the corner of our hotel room to locate his cup and inside out game socks. After tough losses in the four games the two boys played yesterday, all he’s asking for today is a win.

To “Daddy-O”, thank you for four and a half decades of coming to my rescue, being my cheerleader and fiercely loving me. From printers to accidently parking my car on a boulder to walking me down the aisle to stepping in as a dad for Honey when he lost his too soon, you’re always there.

To “Jamey” (as he now apparently goes by James), you’re also an inspiration. You love your family so well and wholly and I believe actually out-do “Honey” in the patience department. Hoping all three of you have a most magical day!!

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