Myrtle Beach {Youth Baseball Nationals}

After spending a week up and down the East Coast from Pennsylvania to Delaware to South Carolina, the W fam is back home and doing absolutely nothing for a few days! We did the old divide and conquer trick, where Honey and John handled lacrosse tournaments while Whit and I attended the Youth Baseball Nationals in Myrtle Beach!

We screeched into town last Friday, dropped our things at the room and dashed out to the opening ceremony and skills challenge. It was so much fun to see the team kick things off with a fun, low-key afternoon.

From there, the Maverick’s played 1-2 games each day. This left plenty of time to enjoy the resort and other Myrtle Beach-y things. I’ll share more details on that tomorrow. I loved seeing my baby at catcher, like his daddy. Funny story…. Honey tuned in to as many live streams of Whit’s games as he could, often times from a parking lot with bad reception. I got a 911 text from him during this game: “Is Whit playing without cleats????”. Lo and behold, he was. I head to the dugout to let one of the coaches know that he has cleats in his bag. Nope, not in his bag. They are literally laying in the door to the dugout and every player and coach stepped over them for one and a half full innings without wondering who they belong to. Men!

My other funny memory of the week was when we found out our game had been moved up by 2 hours…. about 30 minutes before they needed to be on the field warming up. Our hotel was a solid 25 minutes away. One of the dad’s offered to take Whit and I quickly ushered him out with his red socks in his hand – no time to even put them on. Well, I show up right at game time and see this. LOL. Whit lost a sock somewhere between the truck and the field, and one of the dads quite literally gave him the socks off his feet. (Two of our moms had just put their uniforms in the resort laundry when we got the new game time. They too had to rush to the field to get their kids changed just in the nick of time.)

In between games, the boys, siblings and parents all enjoyed pin trading! Whit loved seeing where the other teams were from – Utah, Michigan, Florida and everywhere between!

We wrapped up the week with another ring for his growing collection! Spoiler alert, everyone got a ring at this tournament. The rest were hard earned. :-)

He’s grown up so much this past year. I am so proud of this kid for so many reasons. <3

The team is disbanding after this tournament. We’ve spent so many seasons with Coach Eric and will miss him so much! Luckily, Whit goes to school with his son and they live juuuust down the street. :-)

All baseball and funny memories aside, THIS is why we do this. Friendships, smiles, and being part of a team and a team family.

We were supposed to spend the week at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Many of them have played ball since they could walk and Cooperstown is the pinnacle of 12 year old baseball, but the rules put in place by the park made it impossible for our team to attend. I am incredibly thankful for a coach with a plan b and a team of supportive parents that rallied to make sure these kids could play ball AND get a trip. The kids – and parents – had the BEST week and gave 110% to make the most of it. I don’t think I heard “Cooperstown” mentioned once.

Meanwhile from New England, I received daily reports of Philly cheesesteaks (yes, they went back to Dalessandro’s, and yes, Whit and I drooled), lacrosse results, suffering through Spanish III online “in just 6 weeks while on vacation”, Delaware beach antics AND getting to see the Hawks beat the 76ers from the owners suite in Philly!

I’ll share the rest of our trip tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach {Youth Baseball Nationals}

  1. As a mom of another 12u player who didn’t get to go to Cooperstown, I loved reading this post! We’re heading to Sports at the Beach in Delaware for our “lemonade tournament.” Best of luck to Whit in the future!

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