Mother Makes {Perfectly Polished Silver}

I have a lot of silver – trays, bowls, cups, flatware, you name it – and I love to use it. Mother gave me most of it and she still has a staggering collection herself! About once a year, Honey lets me drag it all out and he will spend the day polishing. I’ve always used Wright’s Silver Cream Polish and it does work wonders.

Lately, I’ve needed to have a few things polished for immediate use and have been using this quick, easy and virtually effortless method from Mother. I have meant to share this with y’all for ages, and when Mother mentioned working on her silver this week I asked her to send pics for my blog.

Effortless Silver Polish

  • In a large disposable aluminum pan, layer in your silver. I use this method for flatware and anything that can be covered by water in the pan.
  • Boil enough water to fill the pan.
  • Sprinkle your silver liberally with baking soda.
  • Pour in the boiling water. Stir it a little to mix well.
  • Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Remove and rinse dry.

It works like a charm!

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One thought on “Mother Makes {Perfectly Polished Silver}

  1. I’ve used Wrights for years, too. I have never heard of baking soda. Definitely going to have to give it a try with my silverware next time I need to grab just a few pieces at the last minute!

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