Marme’s 75th Surprise!

My beautiful Mother is celebrating her 75th birthday and Sister and I drove to town to completely surprise her with our knock at the door!!! We came bearing gifts, cupcakes and a bottle of bubbles. Daddy-O was in on the plan and somehow the three of us managed to keep it a complete and total surprise. What a special moment!!

We gathered around the kitchen table, she opened her gifts and then we spent the entire afternoon and evening doing whatever she wanted. As predicted, it started with a delicious lunch at Vault.

Daddy-O has been our “shopping chauffer” since we were teens. He drops us off at the door of each store and sits in the car with his word puzzle book while we enjoy ourselves. Then, it’s off to the next stop! We didn’t even have a cat fight in the back seat like in the good old days. LOL.

Our next stop was Homegoods where we poured through everything on every aisle. Mother chose a new rug for her den with Christmas gift cards. We helped her clear Christmas out of the den and get it down once we were back at the house!

Our next stop was One Fish Two Fish. Here, she picked out a few Christmas things on clearance for 60% off. Everything in the store was gorgeous.

Our last stop was for shopping and a treat at Paris Market.

We enjoyed a spectacular dinner at our collective favorite – The Pink House. Everything was memorable and special!

Back at home, we cozied up on the sofa with hot Paris tea.

It was an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate our Marme!

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7 thoughts on “Marme’s 75th Surprise!

  1. I can’t tell if your outfit is a dress or a skirt and top, but it’s very cute! Will you share where it’s from?

  2. How special! 🍰🍾🚙🛍🛍🛍 Happy Birthday and blessings in the new year! What lovely girls you and “Daddy O” have raised. I think of you every time I wear my beaded bracelets and oyster necklace. 📿 🦪😃 Many warm wishes, Jane 🌴

  3. What a great birthday surprise for your Mom! I know she enjoyed her special day very much. I couldn’t help but ooh and ahh over your Mom’s gorgeous flower themed cake. Could you please share details on what bakery made this?

  4. Hi—wonderful post. Your mom and I are close to the same age, so I can so relate to her. Jane said in her post, what I was thinking. I think of your mom too, when I wear my wonderful jewelry she made. This post was so uplifting to read and see. Happy Birthday to a mom of two beautiful women. God Bless you all.

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