Happy Birthday, Honey!

The guy we call Honey and Dad is celebrating his birthday today!! I know I say it often, but he is the most patient, kind, laid-back, level headed man I’ve ever known. He takes such good care of his little family and we all know, without a doubt, that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for us. He is often the voice of reason as we navigate parenting two teenagers and two puppies. He works hard all day, but has never once complained about chipping in at home as well. I am so thankful to have this man by my side.

Since we had a full house on Mother’s Day, we did cake for him a day early! He loves coconut cake and, after 21 years of marriage, I homemade him one for the very first time. Most of us don’t eat coconut cake, but the few who do proclaimed it delicious!

As for today, well, his day went as most adult birthdays go. Work, meetings, carpool. Since we are between spring and summer sports, we did go out to his favorite Mexican restaurant for a very casual family dinner.

Happy Birthday, Honey!

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