Adult Beverage Tastings on Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line isn’t just for kids! In fact, it is one of our favorite adult-only vacations too. There are a wide variety of beverage tastings and seminars for adults on Disney Cruise Line! You’ll find options for everything from champagne to old fashioned. Here are a few of our favorites!

Champagne Tasting

Savor some of the best bubbly from Europe and beyond, with a crash course in creating amazing Champagne cocktails.

Champagne Tasting is one of my favorites because I do love a glass of bubbles. It isn’t Honey’s cup of tea, so this is always on the agenda when sailing with my girlfriends. At this tasting, you sip on four different types, while learning about each one. At the end, you enjoy my personal favorite drink on any Disney Cruise Line – Moet Chandon Ice Imperial.

Chocolate & Liquor Tasting

Indulge in the exquisite pairings of rich chocolates with premium Champagne and liquors—c’est magnifique!

This tasting goes the quickest and is the hardest to secure, and it’s easy to see why! At this seminar, you enjoy four different pairings of wine and liquor with chocolate. Oh my! It is a divine and delicious way to spend an hour. Honey and I want to recreate this party at home.


Stir up popular cocktails during this bartending workshop—from layered shots to margaritas, martinis and more.

I’ve written about Mixology for years as it is my family’s tradition! We always attend while sailing together and last month was no different. In this seminar, you learn how to craft five cocktails. In the past, you physically participated in the mixing, but now they have everything pre-made. It was still enjoyable and fun to do together!

Booking Adult Beverage Tastings

Concierge guests get the pick of the litter for beverage tastings and they do go fast. After concierge, Disney Cruise Line uses they loyalty program tiers for booking order (Castaway Club.) For first time cruisers, snagging one of these will be hard. That said, availability for nearly EVERYTHING opens up once you are on the ship! Just check the app and snag anything you didn’t get in advance.

Let’s Set Sail

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  1. Will you please share with us the cocktail in the tall glass that is blue, green, orange and red? Looks so good!

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