Forever Gifts 2023

If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you will know that since both of my boys have birthdays within a month of Christmas we give them a “forever gift” every year to celebrate rather than a toy, hoodie or video game.  This gift is something that we hope they will have forever, rather than something that is quickly tossed aside or outgrown. Some years they get the same thing, and other years they get something different depending on their interests and age.

This year, Whit received a new putter and a monogrammed divot tool. Honey assures me he will have that club “for as long as he’d have anything.” So, I guess that counts. :-)

Divot Tool

For John’s 18th, I commissioned one of our favorite local artists and a guy that’s become a friend to make this Raider mascot painting to remember his time at WHS. He LOVED it!

Brandon Art Co

Both of them seemed to genuinely love their gifts this year! I am still in shock this was #15 and #18.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! Honey had his first colonoscopy (reminder to go get yours if you haven’t) and we have some sweet friends coming over tomorrow night. Beyond that I hope I can log some serious hours with my nose between the pages of a book. Work was a beast this week!

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