The Sweetest Valentine’s Day

We enjoyed a simple, sweet Valentine’s Day! Since Honey made plans for us, we did a dessert appetizer with the boys before we left.

I gave the John and Whit the things they love – jerky and hydration. I also offered to do something nice for them at home – anything they’d like. Whit came up with nothing. John almost immediately asked if I’d do his laundry and put it away and clean his room. :-) And so, I did ALL of their laundry and put it away, cleaned both boys rooms from top to bottom, washed their bedding and cleaned their bathrooms. I’m not sure Whit noticed, but John was thrilled!

Mother and Daddy-O brought Valentine’s gifts for the girls a few weeks ago with strict instructions not to open until today. I was so excited to add this sparkly heart to my Pandora! Marme, sister, Cee and I all have matching bracelets.

Honey came home with roses in hand and surprised me with a night out line dancing! It was SO MUCH FUN! We haven’t been out of the house for Valentine’s day in ages and we both agreed this was a great, casual way to do it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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One thought on “The Sweetest Valentine’s Day

  1. This is so cute! How fun that you went line dancing. I just have to say that I didn’t think our favorite cinnamon hearts were good this year. 😕 It just seemed as if there wasn’t enough cinnamon. Regardless, we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 😍 Jane 🌴

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