Celebrating 48!

It was a big birthday weekend for me. Festivities kicked off Thursday night with a girl’s craft night at L’s beautiful home. Friday Honey worked at home and ran out for my favorite bagels. That evening, he surprised me with champagne sabering (more on that later) and cupcakes at a senior lacrosse parent happy hour.

The night ended with cheering on the Raiders in a big win in the pouring rain.

Saturday started with a face time with my parents and then a delicious brunch date.

And then Sister brought a whole party over to our house!! We got take out for dinner and played games. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday I had lunch with a sweet friend S and Tuesday I’ll celebrate with M. I truly felt so loved and celebrated all weekend long. Thankful for friends and family that show up year after year after year. <3

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating 48!

  1. Happy 48 Amanda!! Looks like you had fun-filled celebration with family, friends, games, cupcakes and champagne. It can’t get any better than that! We went to a friend’s 65th birthday party on Saturday and tomorrow I am whisking my husband away for several days in Charleston, SC to celebrate his big 70th! So, 48 doesn’t sound too bad now does it…..lol.

  2. We’ll this late but

    I was on here checking out the fullness of your kitchen drapes for inspiration. Thank you Ana tucked around it revealing the liner.
    “Open all” and saw the colorful fleece clogs.
    What is on them? Looks like a bunny on one and I don’t know …shaft of a cowboy boot? But that can’t be.

    What a fabulous birthday. You clearly are cherished by many many- and for a reason,)

    1. Haha! Yes, Sister gave me the slippers. They have a cowboy boot and a cowboy hat. My boys are all in on country music, boots, hats, jeans, etc. So, I have jokingly been calling this my “cowboy mom era”. :-)

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