A New Fireplace Screen + Mantle Update

My old fireplace screen has been living a tenuous existence for about eight years.  I picked it up at an “antique” store (code for junk store) back in our old house and had one side of it rigged for ages.  (You can see the top isn’t even hinged in this picture from last March!)  It finally bit the dust and I hunted the perfect replacement for weeks.

I found some nice ones but they were either too expensive, too small (I have an unusually large 1964 fireplace, come to find out), or curved at a different angle than the mantle (which really bothered me).  I ultimately resorted to Amazon and purchased a four fold polished brass fireplace screen.  I used it in the den through most of our winter (Jan and Feb here in Atlanta this year, ha!) but decided a few weeks ago that I didn’t love the polished brass with the rest of the antique gold in the room.  I don’t have a before picture, but I pulled it out to the garage and gave it a few coats of Antique Gold Rub n Buff.  This was after the first coat, so the final product looks much neater.

And here it is finished and back on the mantle!  I wear plastic gloves and just use my finger.  I don’t perfectly coat it, and I do leave some places thicker than others.

I never really knew I didn’t like the old fireplace screen until I got this one in place.  The little touch of gold really does brighten up the space and this one is a better height than the original.  It is also much lighter and easier to move when lighting a fire!

While I was fussing around at the fireplace, I also decided to take down the somewhat dated flower arrangements.  In the throes of a closet clean out in John’s room, everything was fair game for the donation pile.  These felt heavy and dusty and old.  After staring at the gaping holes for a while I decided to just hang two more salad plates in their place.

These two simple changes have made the room look so much lighter visually, in my opinion.



Here you can get a feel for a wider angle of the room.

You can see more of the space and find sources in THIS POST.

I also have another technique for getting an easy antique gold finish in THIS POST.

Have a wonderful day!!


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