Home for the Holidays

Today wrapped up a wonderful Christmas week in Savannah – full of family, fun and traditions…

We spent loads of time lounging around the house (after we ran the halls as fast as we could a few thousand times.)

We acted super silly and enjoyed each other’s company.

We spent time on the dock – one of our favorite places on Earth.

We enjoyed the marsh.

We shopped till we dropped.

We played Monopoly Deal every night.  Daddy-O introduces a new game each year.

And we collected $43 in lottery winnings.  Daddy-O rewards the winners with scratch-offs!

We watched the Christmas train go round it’s track oh, a few hundred times or so.

We oohed and ahed over Bird’s first steps.

We went to see Tangled.

We celebrated no-more pull ups at night over lunch at The Pirate’s House.

We played all sorts of games.

We tortured our children by making them pose for one million photos.

We partied with friends, old and new.

We walked the dog.

And the dog walked us.

We made our usual visit to Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

We wrapped (and later unwrapped) piles of presents.

We decorated cookies for Santa.

We sprinkled “reindeer food” (oatmeal and fake snow) in the yard for his crew.

And we wheeled-and-dealed with our brother when we ran out.

We found that oh-so-desired little blue box tucked under the tree.

We enjoyed a fireside date night at the Olde Pink House…. special to us as we dined there the night Ward proposed.

We marveled over coastal snow flurries (look closely!)

We spent time together, all nine of us for a week!

We were thankful for each other and all of our blessings.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night… I’m off to sleep in heavenly peace (in my own bed!)
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One thought on “Home for the Holidays

  1. So great to find "home for the holidays". So much like my house except I'm the Nana who had 12 for the weekend. I will be visiting you often.

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