Monday’s Mail

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked forward to checking the mail!  I love catalogs, handwritten notes (that my so-Southern lady friends all still send), and, most of all, packages!!  Much to my delight, I received just that in my mail yesterday – an overstuffed package from Mimi and Anpa.  Yippee!

Since it had warmed up for a quick spell, I delightfully fell into my spring, summer and fall routine of sitting outside in my patio (read: driveway) chair with a sweet iced tea to savor the mail while soaking up some sun and watching the little monsters race scooters and trikes.

(Above: Perfect representation of my littles – Cookie wearing brother’s shoes on the wrong feet and John in the reflection trying to insight his “henchmint” to perform some dastardly deed, I’m sure.)

Anyhoo, after flipping through a few lackluster catalogs (LL Bean becomes exponentially worse each time I look at it), and scanning the phone bill (why do I even have a home phone?), I dove into the package.  Inside were perfectly adorable red fleece outfits, a longall for Cookie and a pullover for John, with precious horse appliques, both lovingly made my Mimi.

She also included a darling handmade red and gold bird toile card addressed to the boys, wishing them a happy early Valentine’s Day and expressing her intent for wanting to keep them warm.  I suspect her pain meds must still have her a bit loopy since she dated the card 2/22/2011.  That or her bestie B has been mixing cocktails again…

You really have to know Daddy-O, and many of you do, to appreciate his contribution to the package.  He always types his notes and there are a few products he is a bit ridiculously fanatical about – zip lock bags (he has every size, weight and configuration ever invented) and Shout Color Catchers (I think he must own stock.)  Both good products, I must admit.  So, I was surely grinning like the Cheshire cat when I got to his inclusion… a typed note and, safely tucked inside of a zip lock bag, a color catcher to be used for my first wash of the sure-to-bleed red garments (they already washed them once.)  I undoubtedly have the best daddy in the whole world (who the best baby in the whole world just so happens to be named for)!!!

I’ve been a bit homesick for my parents lately (my mother had surgery on her foot and they haven’t been able to come up this month) and the sweet treat for the boys let me know they just might be missing us a bit as well (I assume they have now sufficiently recovered from our Christmas visit.)  Oh, and I am certain that my sis received an exact replica of this package in her box yesterday.  What the do for one, they always do for the other.  And we do love to have ALL the littles match…


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