Saturday at Scott’s

We scooted out of the house bright and early this morning to meet my sister and her family for a shopping day!

After fueling up on a sneak-peek of Chick-fil-A’s new spicy chicken biscuits (they were good but you really just can’t get better than the original) and peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes (why not?!?) we started our whirlwind shopping outing at Scott Antique Market.

Scott’s has been a long-time second Saturday outing for my sis, but I haven’t been in what seems like ages.  There were just oodles of things that I wanted to make mine, but under the watchful eye of Honey I just soaked in all of the lovelies and made an extensive list for my impending half-milesone birthday.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

I adore everything about this pillow – the five point crown, box pleat trim and brooch are just too much.

One day, far, far away, I’d love to have an entire service of twelve of these sterling beauties by Gorham.  As it stands today (and for the last 9 years), I own just two.

I have absolutely nowhere to put this, but it’s a looker for sure.  Love the ceramic tub and all of the great colors.

Sign me up for one (or two, three or four) of these beauties.  My sister gifted my mother one for Christmas and I’ve been ga-ga ever since.  It would be the piece de resistance (say that French-like, please) of my playroom turned guest room (as soon as I can lighten our load of plastic play things.)

I love these little numbered metal disks.  They would be adorable turned into magnets for my chalkboard.  If I had thought of that idea while at Scott’s, they would actually be mine right now.

This sweet skirt was not for sale, but was just too fabulous not to share.  I’ve always wanted a skirted table, but, alas, I am out of room in every single room.

I didn’t care for the planter on this arrangement, but loved everything else about it.  I’m pretty sure my sweet sister or dear friend R (whom I miss terribly now that he’s back home in NOLA) could replicate it for me in a much more fabulous container!

This sassy red coat was perfection!  I am beginning to think I have a slight obsession with purchasing coats.  And really, how many coats does a Southern girl need?  The practical (haha) voice in my head is telling me that pink houndstooth, black wool, emerald tweed, winter white ruffled and navy polka dots are probably (quite) enough.

It’s perfectly pink, it’s true vintage, it’s a phone and it works.  Need I say more?

And, while the littles were total angels, all loaded in their strollers, and Honey and my sister’s Mister were true troopers, us girls have already made a plan to go back next month… just us!  Plenty of time to embezzle money from the grocery fund :-)


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