West Side Story

I used to live on the West side of town, and it will always have a special place in my heart.  It felt very small-town like.  You know, the kinda place where you not only know the shop owners, but they help your Honeys pick out just the right gifts and know your littles names and birthdays.  While my new neck of the woods has every big box store imaginable, it is severely lacking in the boutique department.  So I head back to the West side every few weeks to check out my favorite must-shops.

Love Street Gifts and Gardens
Carole has created a delightful little gift shop that is simply bursting at the seams with fun finds.  Everything from seasonal items to jewelry to home decor to baby gifts can be found in this sweet little house turned shop.  This is my go-to shop for hostess and girlfriend gifts!

Patina Home Furnishings
Okay y’all, this is just hands down my very favorite home store on this great green Earth.  It is dripping in decadent finds.  I have never stepped through the door and not found at least one item that I had to make mine.  George has furniture, lighting, Rowe, art, decor, Aiden Gray, antiques, Tyler candles and tons of one-of-a-kinds by local artisans… essentially all of my favorite things.  And do ask for Betty when you go in.  She is just a doll and will totally hook you up.  Tell her I sent you.

The Honeybee
This little gem, also located in a darling house, has loads of cute clothes, shoes and accessories.  And even some great home decor items thrown in the mix!  Every time I go in I pore through the TOMS trying do decide which color I “need”, oogle the rhinestone encrusted Miss Me jeans and laugh at the “dang” whatever tees.  Like Patina, The Honeybee also features a beaucoup of local designers.  I just love that!

McEntyre’s Bakery
And when all that shopping leaves you totally famished, you simply MUST stop in for lunch and some delectable treats at McEntyre’s Bakery.  This family owned operation opened up shop in the 1940’s and there is no question why they are still at it.  For lunch, do dine on the mini chicken salad croissants and mini pimento cheese croissants.  Take home a breakfast of glazed croissants donut boys for the next day.  Then, for dessert, go ahead and load up a box of lemon squares, fried peach pies, puffy cupcakes, thumb print cookies and cake squares, and top it all off with a strawberry dream cake.  And last, but not least, take home a bag of the melt in your mouth yeast rolls and a box of cheese straws.  That should do it.

And that’s the West side’s story as I see it.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

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