Living It Up

We spent nearly our whole day living it up in downtown Atlanta.  And we were beyond thrilled to have Aunchie and Bird join us on our outing.

We arrived bright and early at the Georgia Aquarium and casually made our way through the place, soaking up all of the beautiful and interesting exhibits.  Since we nearly had the place to ourselves, we even untethered the babies from their strollers to ensure that they got good and exhausted.  As always, I was just in awe of the amazing creatures that inhabit our Earth. And I think the littles were too.

Next we made our way to the grassy lawn at Pemberton Place, between the World of Coke and the aquarium.  After a lazy, sunny lunch (I suppose we’ll have to replace John’s monogrammed seersucker bag with something much more heinous to be “cool” in Kindergarten), the littles did even more running, jumping and playing.  Ice creams, while laying in the grass and watching the sky, and Coca-Cola cupcakes were a sweet end to a fantastic day.  And Cookie’s looong nap was just icing on the cake.

We have a big birthday weekend planned and, while I am not one to wish away a single day, I will be ever so happy to see FRIDAY!!!


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