ApRiL fOoLs DaY

It’s ApRiL fOoLs DaY so what did I do?
Act silly and goofy and mixed up too!
I surprised the littles and Honey as well
With a dinner party that was awfully swell.
We sported goofy glasses and festive party hats
And celebrated our four un-birthdays just like that.
We had dessert for supper and supper for dessert.
Our crazy mixed up meal was totally berserk.
Our funny milk was blue and the mood was gay.
We told stories about the silliest things in our day.
It’s certainly no birthday without a candle to blow.
You HAD to make a silly wish on your turn to go.
Finally it was time to eat our cupcakes.
And lo and behold if I didn’t make a mistake!
The cake was meatloaf and the icing po-ta-to.
A cockamamy meal like a circus side show!
Everyone was confused when I brought to the table
A more conventional looking supper time staple.
But no un-birthday party would be fun without sweets
And this changed up version was a super big treat!
 Ice cream potatoes with caramel gravy were good to the tummy.
And the chocolate rice krispie meatloaf was so fun and yummy.
It was a night of laughs and smiles and tales so tall.
Happy Un-Birthday to many and ApRiL fOoLs DaY to all!

PS. Sunshine and warmer temps are calling me today so recipes will come tomorrow :-)
PPS. Thanks to sister for suggesting the silly glasses. She is not only a wealth of (random) knowledge, but a fountain of (a-plus) ideas.

Flattered for the feature at Tip Junkie and ThRiLlEd to have won the “MOST FUN” award at My Insanity’s Party Party!

9 thoughts on “ApRiL fOoLs DaY

  1. I can't believe that wasn't meatloaf, lol. Oh my goodness….what is the fabric your curtains are made of? I have been looking for the perfect fabric!

  2. Khadija – the kitchen fabric is called Chatlet Breeze. I purchased it from Lewis and Sheron in Atlanta but I believe it has since been discontinued :-) They might be willing to reorder if you contacted them! Thanks for reading and for your comment!! Amanda

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