City Market

With Honey gallivanting around Vegas for a week, I packed up the littles and scooted down South to Savannah to visit Mother and Daddy-O.  With delightful spring breezes and brilliant skies, we had a primo first afternoon traipsing around City Market. This four-block area of shops, restaurants, entertainment and remarkable people watching has been the social center of the historic district since the early 1700’s and is a charming spot to spend an afternoon amongst old Savannah bricks and buildings.

Because the littles fancy sweet treats nearly as much as their mama, even before lunch we found ourselves in a shady spot relishing ice cream cones.

And after running through the squares, fawning over the horse drawn carriages and frolicking to the street side band, we were off to lunch at Vinne Van Go-Go’s.  This quirky pizza parlor has been serving scrumptious thin-crust pies for as long as I can remember. 

After our downtown excursion, we hit the playground to burn off any remaining energy in anticipation of an early bed time.

And to wash off the inevitable playground grime, the littles stripped down to their skivvies right in Ampa’s driveway (gasp!) to run through his front yard sprinkler (treachery!).

In spite of all of this activity, it was still nine o’clock before they hit the hay.  And look who slept in a big boy bed for the very first time!  He was beyond thrilled to stay in the bunk room with brother.


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