Rosemary Dining

One of the little luxuries our family adores about Rosemary Beach is that you simply hop on your bike or stroll a few blocks to loads of divine eateries.  Here are the highlights…

La Crema
Enjoy delish Spanish-style tapas and a sundry of chocolate treats from the swanky patio.  Our favorites are the Sea Biscuit (luscious crab cake sandwich), Sweet Piquillos (goat cheese and honey stuffed piquillo peppers), Chocolate Dipped Bacon (this warrants no further explanation…I dream of this stuff) and White Sangria.  And we love that La Crema is so little friendly while absolutely maintaining their chic status.

While the cafe serves three meals a day, breakfast is our choice.  We always head over for their delectable Roll-Ups (South of the Border is my fave) or French French Toast (orange and cinnamon confection.)  Supper is pretty darn good too – the majority of our party tends to dine on the blackened grouper.  Summer Kitchen purports that they welcome “well behaved children” but rest assured we’ve never been kicked out in spite of the escapades pulled by our three mischevious littles.
Like Summer Kitchen, Cowgirl Kitchen is also open all day long.  We always go for breakfast at least two mornings of our stay, and we almost always dine on Breakfast Tacos (eggs, chorizo, cheese and request a side of salsa) around the horn.  Now, the other thing we always pick up from CGK is a casserole to go for a dinner back at the house.  Our faves are the King Ranch and Mexican Lasagna.  The kids menu is equally as great and your littles will fit right in here.
George’s is right next door to Rosemary in Alys Beach.  I’ll be quite honest and say that while I adore George’s, the rest of our brood finds it just okay.  Yet, they humor me trip after trip with a visit to this eatery.  I’m simply smitten with the atmosphere here.  It’s not super little friendly so make a date night of it like we tend to do. Afterwards, we head over to the Caliza pool for drinks and unsurpassed views of the beach.
OK, y’all.  Sugga Pies is new to Rosemary since our visit last fall and it’s totally yummy.  They provision over eighty-five hand spun milkshake varieties but on my first sip of “bananas foster” I fell so head over heels that I couldn’t make myself try anything other.  Divine.  And while Sugga Pies boasts loads of delectable looking paninis and salads for lunch and a sundry of other sweet treats, it was the Pancake Muffin that caught our eye for breakfast.  What is a Pancake Muffin??  It’s a muffin made from pancake batter, frosted with maple syrup buttercream and topped with bacon.  And it’s so terribly tasty that I’m bound and determined to recreate this treat at home.
Charlie’s Donuts
Permanently parked at Alys Beach, the one and only donut truck of 30-A is always a hit with the littles.  Our Mister’s wait in the impressively long line while us ladies fan ourselves under a palm tree and watch the littles run wild in the green grassy bowl.  
Located just next door to Rosemary at Seacrest Beach, La Cocina is Honey’s favorite spot to dine at the beach.  It’s your standard Mexican restaurant, but better!  And littles are always welcome!!  We tend to order the mix and match tacos and try different varieties of fish, beef and pork.
We’ve only dined here once and found it okay.  It’s quite pricey, so definitely plan to go during their half price daily special from 5-5:45.  That being said, their bar always makes our list of places to pop in on one of our date nights.  It’s super chic and boasts a variety of unique and yummy cocktails.
In addition to all of these, Wild Olives is a great place to pick up a quick meal and Courtyard is a charming spot to enjoy a glass of wine underneath the stars and twinkling white lights.
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