Things to Remember

On our last day at the beach before heading west to visit college besties B&B, these are the things I want to remember about our family’s coveted time together at Rosemary Beach…
Brothers (yes, we call Bird our brother)
Daddy-O’s bags and bags of boiled peanuts.
Eating on the porch in our pj’s.
Having fun in the sun.
Laying in bed, playing on the lap top and drinking a Coke.  At age two.
Reading our favorite rags on the porch.
Enjoying whirly pops in the park.
Trying to catch fish in their beach nets.
Being silly.
Looking all too grown up while on a lunch date with the ladies.
Taking loooong afternoon naps and then staying up late.
Racing bikes, scooters and any other implement they can think of.
Getting buried in the sand.  A tradition.
The PCP at age 5.5
Cookie at age 2.5
Our family in 2011
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