Leg 3: Disney World

Well, seven months of planning, dreaming and anticipation came to a head today when we finally revealed the secret of a lifetime to the littles…

… Rise and Shine, we’re going to Disney World!

Oh, if you could have seen the expressions on their sweet little faces.  It was so worth the wait in telling them.

Until we arrived at the Polynesian Resort at almost exactly eight a.m., I had failed to realize this was also their first stay in a hotel.  They thought the Grand Ceremonial House was an adventure in and of itself.  And I could hardly believe that the Polynesian looked just as impressively fantastic as it did as a child.  Such an amazing feeling to embark on this trip with my own littles in tow…

The balcony of our room overlooked the marina and John thought the Mickey towel display was the bees knees.
We literally dropped our bags in the room and raced to the parks!  Next stop… Animal Kingdom!!!


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2 thoughts on “Leg 3: Disney World

  1. It is fun following you on your trip! We love the Polynesian – stayed there twice. The first time – my girls were about the same age as your littles! Have a fantastic time!

  2. LOVE this blog – love reading all about your disney trip. We are about to take our first BIG trip to WDW in October and I am planning ahead! Cannot wait to read more!

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