Disney Day 4: Hollywood Studios

After taking it *easy* for a day in Epcot, we were up and at ’em again for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.  We hopped on the monorail and, after much pondering about the “cool building that the monorail goes right through”, the littles were pretty excited to disembark at the Contemporary for a change.

The littles were already over the moon with the Mickey waffles and the all-you-can-eat cinnamon rolls…

…and that was before the characters even came out!!!  (These ears are nearly identical to the set I had as a child…and I had to get Honey a pair, it being his very first time to Disney!!!)

Wrapping up breakfast, we were off to Hollywood Studios!

First things first, we beelined to Toy Story Mania for our fast pass.  We picked that thing up at 9:30 in the morning and our turn to come back wasn’t until 2:30 in the afternoon!!!  So glad we got it early.  Next we went over to Disney Junior Live on Stage.  The show was fantastic and had all of our favorite characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Our top four shows all in one!!  Afterwards, Honey and John were just delighted to hit Star Tours and watch the Jedi Training Show.

Next, we headed over to the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet, where the PCP was picked out of the crowd to participate in the (faux) “re-filiming” of the Aglet episode.  He thought this was just the bees knees…

…and now he is insisting that he be Perry the Platypus for Halloween.  Right around the corner was Lightening McQueen and Mater!

Next up was the Tower of Terror and it was aaaaaaaaaawesome!  The PCP agreed and proclaimed it his favorite ride in Disney World.  A boy after his mom’s heart.

Learning my lesson from doing a thrill ride after lunch yesterday, we saved lunch at Pizza Planet (a la Toy Story) for now :-)

And then we were off to meet Mike from Monsters, Inc.  Cookie was a little scared of him.  Understandably.

We headed back across the park to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show, yet another fantastic live Disney production, and then it was time to make our way back to Toy Story Mania!!!!  On the way, John pointed out one of the green army men and I promptly proclaimed him “not real.”  About two seconds later I jumped out of my skin when he touched my arm.  Hysterical.  And one of the PCP’s favorite characters he met all day.

And then it was finally time for one of our family’s favorite ride of all the parks… Toy Story Mania.  It was interactive and competitive and well done and totally worth the wait!

I totally would have beat Honey if I hadn’t been paired with the baby who promptly lost his 3D glasses about one second into the game and proceeded to pitch a fit for mine the rest of the ride :-)

Our last attraction of the day in Hollywood Studios was the Pixar Pals Parade.  SO much FuN to see all of our favorite characters!!


After the parade, we squeezed in some pool time (and Pina Co-lavas) at the Polynesian.  I have vivid memories of doing the volcano slide with Daddy-O and playing under the waterfall with Sister.

And then it was time to catch a boat over to the Wilderness Lodge for supper at the Whispering Canyon Ranch.

Supper was highly entertaining.  The kind of rough and tumble place where if you ask for ketchup you get twenty bottles brought to your table and requesting a large glass of water will have your waiter plop a vase full in front of you.  Oh, and then there’s the guy walking around with a huge log asking if anyone needs a toothpick and the time when they call all the little cowboys up for a stampede around the restaurant.  Fun indeed!

We hurried through supper a bit so that we could catch the boat back to the Magic Kingdom for the Electric Lights Parade and Wishes Fireworks show.  The parade was exactly as I remember it and the fireworks were just as stunning as ever of the Castle.  And we squeezed in another go on the Pirates of the Caribbean, another whirl on Thunder Mountain and a nighttime ride on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride!

And just when we thought our day was over, we caught the Electric Water Parade on the beach of the Polynesian!
Sweet dreams ensued approximately two minutes after the show.
I’m already sad that tomorrow is our last day…

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  1. I remember the first time I took my kids to Disney world many years ago I wish there was digital cameras an blogs in those days. Thanks for the great trip posts I have had a lot of fun and a flood of memories. You all look like you had the time of your lives. Cheers Frances

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