Bus Driver Day

Yesterday was Bus Driver Appreciation Day and I tell you what… Mr. Ray just might be the most appreciated operator of a big yellow bus on the planet.  I mean, the stack of gifts and signs crowding the front end of the bus was most impressive.

The night before, we got in on the action, baking up a batch of Ghirardelli brownies and decorating a sign for the bus stop to show our sincere appreciation for the man that safely transports our precious cargo to and fro school each and every day.

{That thug is my son.  Please excuse the hoodie.  It’s one of those pick your battles kinda things.  Oh, and he is complaining about the way I attached his lunch to his backpack.  Let’s just say that, like his daddy, he’s far from a morning person.}

I knew I liked Mr. Ray the instant I met him on our bus ride-along the Friday before Kindergarten.  The man was no nonsense.  He puts safety first, assigns seats and purports that issues taking place on the bus are dealt with on the bus.  And, that very first day, he was instrumental in changing the PCP’s stop from a busy corner about a block away to our driveway.  For which I give thanks every.single.day.twice.a.day.  Couple all that with the sheer fact that he manages to capably transport a literal bus load of kids between the ages of five and eleven to school and back twice a day without the assistance of child restraint seats, candy bribes, a DVD player and a wooden spoon (aka Mr. Ugly Face) and you can understand why Bus Driver Appreciation Day wasn’t going to go unnoticed around these parts.


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