Puppet People

Tucked away in a couple of little houses on Thuderbolt Island, we spent a fantastic morning at a Puppet People puppet show.  Like most Savannah gems, this little establishment is laid back and laden with personality – and only five dollars a person to boot (a much better deal that Atlanta’s puppet center)!

The morning started with us hanging with the puppeteers and Angela Beasley herself in the workshop.  We learned about different types of puppets and how they’re made, met some of the original Puppet People (of the likes of Paula Deen and her hysterically appropriate butter necklace, Willie Nelson and Little Richard) and even got to try our hand at a few!

When it was time for the show, we headed next door to the theater to see “Friends”, a shadow puppet show based on an African Folk Tale spinning the story of an unlikely friendship that forms between Frog Child and Snake Child as they get to know each other and celebrate the things that make them different from one another.  The show was fantastic and the PCP was literally enamored by the entire performance.  The baby, on the other hand, had to be escorted out for a spell…

After the show we gathered around the craft tables to construct our very own Frog Child and Snake Child puppets!  The PCP put a great deal of work into his snake and absolutely loved trying it out in the shadow box.  And the baby…well, the baby tried to glue everything in sight to the table while yours truly crafted his frog puppet.

We will definitely be back – such a unique, educational and FUN way to spend a Savannah morning!

Afterwards, we scooted through the McDonald’s and Starbuck’s drive throughs before heading to Daffin Park for a picnic and hours of play time and coffee tawk.

I just adore being home for the holidays!

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