Three Years Old Today

Today we celebrate three magnificent and immeasurably special years of Cookie.  I marvel each and every day at his blonde hair, blue eyes, plump lips, round cheeks and sturdy frame.  He’s strong and strong willed and when he scrawls you can’t help but stop in your tracks.  The baby is smart and self sufficient.  He rarely asks for help.  If he wants to ride his scooter, he slips quietly away, unlocks the door, opens the garage and helps himself to the scooter (which is why this place is dead bolted, chained and alarmed to high heaven.)  His love of sports is staggering and his natural athletic ability is remarkable.  He’s uniquely  himself, a rare breed as we often call him.  And I thank God every. single. day for putting him in our care.

I never wanted anything in my life like I wanted that baby, three years ago today.  All nine pounds of him.

Happy Birthday!

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One thought on “Three Years Old Today

  1. What a cutie pie! Love all of the special things you did for both of your boys birthdays! Your baby reminds me of my baby! He's only 2 but love Mickey Mouse and was also a 9 pounder! Happy Birthday!

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