100 Days of School {Free Printable}

The hundredth day of school is upon us and it’s cause for big celebration around these parts!  The PCP has been jabbering non stop about the snack they are making, the projects that have started to roll into class, and how the second graders are going to dress up like they are 100 years old and parade the halls.  It’s barely underway and he’s already proclaimed it what will “probably be one of my best days yet.”

Each student was asked to complete a project at home representing his first 100 days of school.  His class is known as Mrs. B’s Butterflies so he had the great idea to use a butterfly theme.  After a little brainstorming, we decided to glue 100 Fruit Loops onto a butterfly to make its spots!  It’s just darling and the PCP had quite a lot of fun making it… you know, the one for me, one for the butterfly kind of mentality.

Once that project was underway, John asked to make a necklace with 100 Fruit Loops as well.  Soooo…being the indulgent crazy woman that I am, I said “SURE!  Let’s make one for the whole class!!!”  Honey and the PCP worked on counting out the cereal and stringing it into necklaces while I made a bag tag and packaged them up.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
Fruit Loops – we made 20 necklaces and used 1.5 boxes of cereal
Plastic lacing
4″ by 6″ cello bags (Michael’s)
Bag toppers

And here’s the link to your free bag topper printable.  The first page in the file says “100 Days in the Kindergarten Loop” and the second page says “100 Days in the School Year Loop”.  The tags are sized to be 4″ by 4″ when cut, and 4″ by 2″ once folded and stapled onto the tops of your bags.

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Get creative with helping your littles count to 100 – we counted by ones and then counted by fives and tens by separating the cereal into piles.  And stringing the cereal on the lacing really uses the fine motor skills.  An educational, developmental and FUN activity all rolled into one!

Happy hundredth day, y’all!  (Only 80 more to go!)

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